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 Citizenship, real or imagined

When asked, "Are you a US citizen?", what is your answer? If "yes" then do you not also name your master? The scripture says i have been born into another kingdom which is YHVH's and that i am a citizen of that country. Am i or not, or, do i claim DUAL citizenship?
I appreciate any response referencing scripture on this.

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 Re: Citizenship, real or imagined

Are there authorities on earth that you are commanded to obey? Why do you obey them if not that you are a dual citizen (heavenly and earthly).

If we deny we are earthly citizens, then Paul was wrong to plead with the legal system that "I am a Roman citizen."

You can speed on the road and get a ticket and tell the police officer you are not a citizen and therefore not subject to their laws. And you can even say, "I am freeborn and not under any law", I wonder what he will say?


 2011/10/14 8:59

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