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 Sinless Life

Can you live a sinless life.
I attended a church today and they talked about HOLINESS and living a sinless life, has anyone heard of this?
They mentioned John Wesleys and hoilness, if any one can help please provide scripture to assist me.
Thank you and God Bless

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 Re: Sinless Life

This is kind of a loaded question, not that I think you are trying to ask one, but that it is tricky to answer. Because the Bible never talks about living a sinless life or at least never offers an example of one besides the Lord Jesus, we are treading on water that the Scriptures do not address.

The simplest and I believe the most Biblical answer is yes. Jesus died to save us from the power and dominion of sin. Nothing in the New Covenant indicates that we must sin or have to sin or will definitely sin at any time. It is always the opposite, that we can live in victory over sin.

Can you live a sinless life? Yes. Will you? I hate to dilute what God has said in his Word about the power he gives us over sin, but experience and the Scriptures show us that the saints often do fail. James says, "we all stumble in many ways". Of course, in the same sentence he holds out to us the opportunity to be "a perfect man". I hold to this Word of God. We may find that we and other Christians do sin at times, but Christ is always there to restore us when we repent and give us the power to not be a slave of sin and to never have to fall into any particular sin again. That is why, when we do sin, we must repent and turn again to Christ and where he wants us to be.

Good Bible teaching and teachers encourage us in the truth that that Christ has "given us all we need for life and godliness". It is consistent with the message of the New Testament to proclaim that we can walk with God in a life of holiness and victory over sin if we are willing and obedient to all that God has said.

Someone will object, I am sure, and say that we cannot go a day without sinning. Why did Christ die then? So that we could continue to be slaves of sin? You cannot get that from the Bible. If you believe that, you got it from somewhere else. The Bible never affirms or contradicts the idea that saints can be perfect, but I want to be clear that I am not promoting the idea of perfection. I am promoting Christ, whom the Scriptures say we can be like if we love and follow him.

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