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 Let Us Draw Near, Part 1 Roy Lessin

Let Us Draw Near, Part 1

Hebrews 10:19

Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus…

Therefore—the “therefore” refers to the vital truths that have been stated in the preceding verses…because of the new covenant, sealed by the shed blood of Jesus on the cross, your sins have been forgiven, cleansed, and are remembered against you no more.

Brethren— you are now a part of God’s family. You are free from the condemnation and bondage of sin because you are a believer in the Gospel. You have been born again of God’s Spirit, sanctified, and enjoy unity and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Having boldness—your boldness comes, not because of performance, but because of what Jesus has done for you. He has made it possible for you to come before God in prayer with full and complete confidence of faith. Nothing needs to keep you back or hold you back.

To enter the Holiest—in the Temple worship, the holy of holies was the place of God’s presence and glory. This place could be entered only by the high priest once a year. Here the high priest came to place the blood of atonement upon the mercy seat for the remission of sins for the people.

By the blood of Jesus—Jesus, your High Priest, offered His own blood to make atonement for your sins. His blood is acceptable to God, once and for all time, as the perfect sin offering— your good works, your self-righteousness, your best efforts could never be acceptable before a holy God to solve your sin problem.

10 benefits of the blood of Jesus:

1.Seals and guarantees the New Covenant-Matthew 26:28, Hebrews 13:20
2.Gives life-John 6:54-56
3.Brings redemption-Ephesians 1:7, 1Peter 1:18-19
4.Makes propitiation (atonement)-Romans 3:25
5.Justifies-Romans 5:9
6.Provides peace and reconciliation-Colossians 1:19-20
7.Brings cleansing and the assurance of forgiveness-Colossians 1:14,1John 1:7
8.Frees from guilt by purging the conscience-Hebrews 9:14
9.Makes us overcomers-Revelation 12:11
10.Gives us boldness and confidence to enter God’s presence-Hebrews 10:19-24

Roy Lessin

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