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 Marriage and Divorce

I came across this post a few days ago and read through it and found it a bit enlightening. Some people might be offended by it.

How many christians have ever said that a marriage won't last unless Jesus is in it? I have disagreed with this statement, personally because it deals with 2 people and the committment they put into their relationship.

Personally, I see the article as a slap in the face to the bible belt and a wake up call telling Southerns that they should reevaluate themselves and their faith in relation to marriage. I live in FL so I say the same thing to myself.


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 Re: Marriage and Divorce

I've lived in different parts of the country... and knew just as many divorced people in every location. It's not a regional thing.

One of the reasons Jersey may have a lower divorce rate is because there are more people living together outside of marriage than ever before. Their breakups do not get reported because there is no legal status being effected.

There is no more "Bible Belt". That myth is gone. There are as many proud pagans and heathens in NC as any other place I've ever lived. The "Bible Belt" era is over.


 2011/10/3 10:14

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I agree, more people are living together without marriage and if there is no marriage, there is no divorce.

The sentiment that you don't have to be a Christian to have a lasting marriage is also valid.

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