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dear sarahsdream,the bible tells us that God told adam that if you eat of the tree of the knowlege of good and evil you shall surely die.also in the garden was the tree of life.Jesus is the way the truth and the life. knowlege of good and evil is religion and life is relationship. satan told eve that if they would eat of this tree they would be as gods.mans problem from the fall has always been trying to earn favor by doing good but this is just as evil as evil for it produces self righteousness..ergo we cannot earn our salvation by being good but only by the finished work of Jesus who died on the tree of life.jimp

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by Trekker on 2011/10/1 0:28:12

QUOTE: "I hope not but you may be speaking of me as being in a “gang” of females! The only place I can think that I may have offended you was..."--Lysa


I honestly am not aware of you having offended me at all. I don't recollect anything by you. So don't think that. I havent really been keeping track of many names of this "gang", it's just a general impression. One person in particular has been standing out. The first two times i was able to concede her points but then as there presented an ongoing pattern of always policing people's posts in response to anyone who posted a problem they were looking for help for it began to get to me. I happen to think we should be sharing each other's burdens as Christians, and should be able to do so without fear of being judged. At least 3 different people received this person's comments, and in one case when someone else had already beaten her to the punch, she was left with just having to criticize someone who *replied* to the original poster (me and someone else). Always nitpicking about words; how the post (body) was worded (even tho there was nothing wrong with it), how the title of the post is worded, etc. Enough already. It is beginning to remind me of Jezebel. As Jezebel and her controlling spirit tried to take the place of Ahab and use the royal seal in his place to take over Naboth's vineyard, this person tries to assume the place of the moderators and take over SI. Now, if it were a case of her criticizing or rebuking someone over false doctrine or heresy that i could go alone with; i would back her 100% then. Heresy is a different issue altogether.

Females are known for having a controlling and critical spirit much moreso than men (though there are exceptions to every rule). And i am guessing that if such a person does this kind of thing here then they are probably doing it in their local church too.

Also, if someone has issues with the way some young Christian is wording something when asking for help they should take it up directly with a mod, rather than constantly creating a negative atmosphere in every other forum where people seeking answers are made to feel like they cannot share their true selves and be open and honest about their struggles. It is beginning to grieve me to watch other people post their heart's struggles (because they have no one else to turn to)and ask for help only to be shot down by these persons. I watch this pattern and i think, 'It's not safe to share anything here'. So yes, BEWARE OF SHARING PERSONAL INFO HERE AT SI!!


This thread is beginning to sound a bit like gossip. Trekker you clearly have a problem with this "gang" of people you are talking about may I ask have you attempted to speak with each of them about your concerns before you brought this into the public forum and began saying these things? Even though you have not mentioned names you are still speaking about fellow sisters in Christ and not giving them a chance to respond, this seems very much like an attack on their character and I wonder if your original post was written after you prayed? Was it written in love for these other sisters?

Just asking?


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It is my conviction that gender-specific topics dealing with with marital issues, etc. should be reserved for private consultation with an appropriate individual. It is unwise to bring such material to an open public forum like SI because these can be very complicated and sensitive areas - the areas where Satan hits God's people most profoundly - and where some of the greatest strongholds in the mind of a Christian exists. Would you ask random people off the street to perform open heart surgery on you?

As such, it has always been my fear that even the mere mention of certain key words can spark a fire in places where God has placed a burn ban. As moderators, we sometimes serve as a type of forest ranger to see that no one is endangering the spiritual well-being the other visitors through negligence in fire safety. It is therefore asked that topics of a suggestive nature be not publicized here.

Paul Frederick West

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Dear jimp,

I do agree. This is what I was talking about.

Gen 3:6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, (lust of the flesh) and that it was pleasant to the eyes, (lust of the eyes) and a tree to be desired to make one wise,(pride of life) she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

1Jn 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

Whatever is not of the Father is evil, no matter how "good" it looks.


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rainydaygirl, your handle made me think of an old Gordan Lightfoot song. Sorry, I guess that's the way my mind sometimes works.

 2011/10/1 11:51


Trekker, if seeing the need to protect underage kids and if parents with Homeschooled children have to suddenly make SI taboo because of one man that comes on here and defiles many with lengthy descriptions of his sin and curse words and even saying how good looking he is and posts his picture to prove it - though none of the Sisters here clicked on that link - and because of his explicitness, it opened the door to others to come on thinking this is the place to behave in a way that they wouldn't in a Church with women and children around --- a mother/grandmother reacting to such would not be call a "Jezebel" and I believe you need to read what a Jezebel is .... Especially if you Are a female and even if you're not ...

Rev 2:20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication ...

and then go back and read SermonIndex's first paragraph because this is a first here at SI where a number of people have had to bring up the inappropriateness of these type posts on a public Christian forum.

 2011/10/1 12:53

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 Re: Jesus-is-God

Hello Sister,

I was reading and came across this and the Lord brought you to mind. So I clicked on SI and saw you had just posted.
God really loves you. Be encouraged!

Did Jesus Christ interpose betwixt us and the wrath of God, as a Mediator of reconciliation? did he rather chose to receive the stroke upon himself, than to see us ruined by it? How well then does it become the people of God, in a thankful sense of this grace, to interpose themselves betwixt Jesus Christ and the evils they see like to fall upon his name and interest in the world? O that there were but SUCH a heart in the people of God! I remember it is a saving of Jerome, when he heard the revilings and blaspheming of many against Christ, and his precious truths, “O (said he) that they would turn their weapons from Christ to me, and be satisfied with my blood!” And much to the same sense is that sweet one of Bernard, “Happy were I, if God would vouchsafe to use me as a shield.” And David could say, “The reproaches of them that reproached thee, fell on me, Psal. 69: 9. Ten thousand of our names are nothing to Christ’s name: his name is “kalon onoma”, a worthy name; and no man that gives up his name as a shield to Christ, but shall thereby secure and increase the true honour of it. And though wicked men, for the present may bespatter them, yet Jesus Christ will take it out of the dirt, (as one speaks), wipe it clean, and give it us again. Oh, it is the least one can do, to interpose ourselves and all that is dear to us, betwixt Christ and the wrath of men, when he (as you hear) interposed himself betwixt you and the eternal wrath of God!

by John Flavel

excerpted from the Fountain of Life Opened Up


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by Endzone on 2011/10/1 8:51:44

rainydaygirl, your handle made me think of an old Gordan Lightfoot song. Sorry, I guess that's the way my mind sometimes works.


Sorry I do not know who that is so I really can't comment on it.

on another note I really did like what PaulWest shared and i agree with what he said.


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You know I would like to say i have been on the otherside of this before, mainly because of my constant posts on he same issue and i think because some think i might be doing this for show or something. On one part the brothers and sisters were right I should be sitting and meditating on the wisdom by the saints and take what they say more serious then just continuuing to post, but at the same time no one on this site knows how badly i have been suffering and hurting, the tears and pain i have gone through for the past 4 years or more, it has been real hard, so i was hurt when i was called out and at the same time it made me think about what they said, partly i agree, but as someone who also has tried to put things together and think the right way, i have realized you can do nothing without God's Spirit and i hope that everyone will continue to pray for me if anything at all. Love you all keep the unity in Christ.

John Beechy

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"but at the same time no one on this site knows how badly i have been suffering and hurting, the tears and pain i have gone through for the past 4 years or more, it has been real hard".

Perhaps we don't, BUT, that doesn't mean that we haven't gone through hell.

I know of people in my own city that have gone through similar situations and you know what? They too will tell you and me, saying "no one understands what I am going through". I am telling them that I do understand because I have been there and yet they still sit there saying the same words over and over that nobody understands them.

I get pretty frustrated hearing those words, however, in saying that, what they are saying is this, "Your not going through my pain now, so how can you understand?", because that is how I thought.

Well, that may be true, but what is the point of experiences?

As parents we may as well stop being parents because we are not going through at this moment what our children are going through.

It's a good thing that we both don't experience the same thing together because we'd both be wallowing in the mud crying, "Oh woe is me".

I have never seen God send a drunk to minister to one of His children on how to overcome drinking.

Or send a sex maniac to help overcome sexual sin.

He usually sends someone who has gone through similar experiences to encourage and uplift.

During my times of heated trials, I had to come to the understanding that it's not important if anyone understands what I am going through, what is important is that Jesus will deliver us if we continue to repent and cry out to Him. During our times of extreme hell, repentance, crying, weeping, is all the norm in the walk of a believer.

I would encourage you to listen to Carter Conlon messages, he is such a great brother of encouragement. And that is what you need right now, encouragement and lots of it.

 2011/10/1 17:57

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