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So be it.

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 Re: was humor. American slang.


 2011/9/30 12:39

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This world is not my home anymore.



...even tho I am not a chick.


He's a krittr, not a chick!! LOL

God bless you too, Krispy!


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I want to apologize too if I have spoken too strongly at times. I think the printed word can come off a little harder than face to face, where you see a little better what is in the heart.

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Firstly, I want to address that the subject line of this thread in the discussion forum is un-called for. There is nothing to beware of posting in the sermonindex forums. There are many wonderful godly saints here that loves others more then theirselves. Also there have been many people on these forums who have been contributing for over 4-5 years. So for someone to come on the website in just a few months and accuse or speak towards the entire discussion forums is uncalled for and not wise.

There are some men and women that are not mature and may be speaking more then hearing and speaking out of turn in some ways. Those who are more mature in the Lord and have the grace of Christ should minister and be patient with these ones in the Spirit of Love and the bond of peace.

We must have the desire to come of the forums to serve others and come in a Spirit of learning and humility. Also before everyone posts a post to the forums this paragraph is here and it would do us all good to re-read this carefully:

The site moderators ask you before you post that you consider praying and ask the Lord if you have the right spirit to serve others in the body of Christ before posting and pressing the submit button. Please also look at these scriptures: Matthew 12:36, James 1:26, Colossians 4:6

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Brother Greg - some of us are older mothers and have but one concern. It is that of the Young in Christ and in age that view these forums.

If you and Brandy could just read this one thread - I wonder if you'd want your underaged child to be exposed to things like this and the other threads that the women have had trouble with that are multiplying on a weekly basis regarding sexual contents.

We pray the day will not come that you will be contacted by the parents of those young people that post their approx or exact age, as we've seen not a few do so, that have been exposed to quite explicit descriptions of sexual rantings here. That is a concern as well as the spiritual, moral welfare of the young, in and for themselves.

Thanks in advance.

 2011/9/30 15:59

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He's a krittr, not a chick!! LOL

And fried to a krisp! Hence 'Krispy Krittr!'

Couldn't help that, or could I? lol

Sandra Miller

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Sharing here?

How about just being wise and not share everything?

Your personal struggles should be with a trusted friend and you should email him or her or a spiritual Mother or Father.

You shouldn't share those personal spiritual struggles here. This is really not the place.

Please don't misunderstand me, I didn't say you can't share your personal spiritual struggles here, remember who your sharing it with, the whole community and the world! Not everyone needs to know your struggle.

The reason why that is is because your going to get a flood of different opinions, both negative and positive. It would be far better if you shared that information with a friend online or in person, that way you can feel refreshed knowing that someone is bearing and helping you with your burden.

Wouldn't you rather be encouraged from a friend helping you along and praying with you as you overcome than to have Brethren that the Holy Spirit hasn't assigned to you and they be a hindrance to your walk instead of a help?

And for the record, Krispy is a Chick[en], Rooster variety! :o)

 2011/9/30 17:45

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I am not a mother, but a father of four children, and the husband of one wife. I too do not think it is appropriate to have sexual discussions on a forum. Some have done it more than once, which causes flags to go up on the reason why... Personal email or talking to a godly friend, etc. will be more effective than airing it on this forum. Even though sin is sin, sexual sin is more enticing to some when spoken publicly about. Satan seeks to tempt with the forbidden. The good news is Christ has victory! So please, keep the details in private conversations or other forms of communications. Thanks.


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QUOTE: "I hope not but you may be speaking of me as being in a “gang” of females! The only place I can think that I may have offended you was..."--Lysa


I honestly am not aware of you having offended me at all. I don't recollect anything by you. So don't think that. I havent really been keeping track of many names of this "gang", it's just a general impression. One person in particular has been standing out. The first two times i was able to concede her points but then as there presented an ongoing pattern of always policing people's posts in response to anyone who posted a problem they were looking for help for it began to get to me. I happen to think we should be sharing each other's burdens as Christians, and should be able to do so without fear of being judged. At least 3 different people received this person's comments, and in one case when someone else had already beaten her to the punch, she was left with just having to criticize someone who *replied* to the original poster (me and someone else). Always nitpicking about words; how the post (body) was worded (even tho there was nothing wrong with it), how the title of the post is worded, etc. Enough already. It is beginning to remind me of Jezebel. As Jezebel and her controlling spirit tried to take the place of Ahab and use the royal seal in his place to take over Naboth's vineyard, this person tries to assume the place of the moderators and take over SI. Now, if it were a case of her criticizing or rebuking someone over false doctrine or heresy that i could go alone with; i would back her 100% then. Heresy is a different issue altogether.

Females are known for having a controlling and critical spirit much moreso than men (though there are exceptions to every rule). And i am guessing that if such a person does this kind of thing here then they are probably doing it in their local church too.

Also, if someone has issues with the way some young Christian is wording something when asking for help they should take it up directly with a mod, rather than constantly creating a negative atmosphere in every other forum where people seeking answers are made to feel like they cannot share their true selves and be open and honest about their struggles. It is beginning to grieve me to watch other people post their heart's struggles (because they have no one else to turn to)and ask for help only to be shot down by these persons. I watch this pattern and i think, 'It's not safe to share anything here'. So yes, BEWARE OF SHARING PERSONAL INFO HERE AT SI!!

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