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 Off line for a season

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The Lord is taking me on another chapter of my life. I will be offline beginning this coming Monday - Oct. 3rd and then most likely 2-3 times per week I will be online for a season after Oct. 10th.

If there is anyone who would pray about posting David Wilkerson's Daily Sermon here that would be awesome.

You can go to
and get them daily. I have them sent to my email.


Also, if there is anyone who would pray about posting prayer requests from Gospel For Asia, that would be awesome as well.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will see the date and the prayer need here and can post it so others can prayer for these needs.


I will be traveling with my two lil dogs for almost 1,700 miles. Arriving in Oklahoma for the VOM conference Oct. 8th. I am so excited about this awesome opportunity.

Please pray for a safe trip with vehicle & the Holy Spirit go before me as I am going in prayer to lift up Jesus to my family members & to Salvation.

My prayers will be with you all and if anyone would like to fellowship my email is in my profile.

I will continue with the awesome prayer conference calls.

Giving God all the glory for His Name sake. He is worthy of all our praises, worship, thankfulness, obedience, love & so much more.

AGAPE to all,

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 Re: Off line for a season

Dear sister we will miss your wonderful post and fellowship in the forum. Gofspeed and blessing in your journey. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

His agape,


 2011/9/28 13:40

 Re: Off line for a season

Will definitely continue to keep you lifted up to HIM and your latest adventures with Him with you all the way, dear Sister!
Psalm 91

 2011/9/28 13:54

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 Re: Off line for a season

Dear sister,
Praying for you.
Your Beloved Savior is with you all the way, embracing you His precious child and keeping you safe. His banner over you is love. May your heart be filled with words of wisdom when meeting relatives over there.

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Celina, Texas

 Re: Off line for a season

At first I thought you were going to be traveling 1,700 miles by car with two ill dogs. Then I realized that no one in their right mind would do that, so I re-read your post. There goes the eyesight!

I know you will have a wonderful time at the conference and I hope God blesses your journey. Do give us first hand what God lays on your heart from VOM's


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Paradise, California

 Re: Off line for a season

Blessing Sister,

I can post brother Wilkerson's daily devotionals and GFA prayer requests and news reports. God bless your trip and meeting with the saints. Thank you for remembering me in your prayers.

Love in Christ,



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Queensland, Australia


Hi Joyful_Heart, enjoy your trip.

I would love to post Brother Wilkerson's daily updates. But given he passed away some time ago, that might make it... difficult.

Nick van der Net

 2011/9/29 22:06Profile

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