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This thread is being put to rest. Again, users are asked not to discuss pornographic or other sexual topics here. It is the height of folly to engage in these discussions like this. You open yourselves to all sorts to dangers, and you expose weaker believers to the same. There are special ministries that deal with this thing; if an individual is needing help in this area, it is recommended he or she seek out the appropriate avenue of approach.

Paul Frederick West

 2011/10/7 9:33Profile

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by luke673 on 2011/10/7 5:00:55

"(quote)Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived had many wives, had many male and female concubines. The same with his father David. It is not the sex that is wrong, nor the number of partners one has sex with, at least if you believe the OT.(quote)

Ok i have never heard that they had male concubines? please give scripture if you post something like that. I do not believe that Solomon and david where homosexuals."

I am not going to discuss bi-sexuality in the Bible on this forum. I regret now that I mentioned it. I erred in writing male Concubines and I withdraw that remark. Thanks for pointing that out to me, Luke.

Arthur Biele

 2011/10/7 9:59Profile

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