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 Pray For the Proud?

Do you pray for the proud and see any progress or success?
I am referring specifically to prayers for the conversion and salvation of a proud person. For many years i have prayed for the salvation of many, many proud people. Some of them Catholic coworkers, some of them relatives, some of them people in positions of leadership, and so forth. I have not seen a conversion yet of one proud person i have prayed for, so i am wondering if God even answers prayers prayed for a proud person. The only thing that seems to come from my praying for a proud, self-righteous, arrogant, narcissistic person is that i lose faith in prayer. This nation is completely taken over by pride, arrogance, and narcissism.
I sometimes think that perhaps the only ones who hav any possibility of being saved any more are children--and even then only if you reach them in time, before the pride takes root.
So am just wondering if i should bother to waste my time anymore praying for this type of person, let alone any American. I want to hear from anyone who has had success in praying for an extremely proud, self-righteous, self-centered person. (If you have not, please don't respond here; i did not create this post for people to create their own little soap box sermon to take this discussion off-topic). I really need to hear other people's experiences now, to know if there is any hope at all and whether i should continue to pray for the very proud,stiff-necked people around me.

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 Re: Pray For the Proud?

I was praying for a proud person not more than an hour ago. Funny thing is, I soon found myself praying for my self as I found my self taking pride in my lack of pride.

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 Re: Pray For the Proud?

GOD recently convicted me of some pride issues in my own heart as well. I know that I have had to repent and ask forgiveness for this sin myself.

My oldest son has dealt with the sin of pride and I have shared with him and prayed for him. He has felt conviction from the LORD and repented. I have also prayed for a sister who said she struggled with pride and have seen a real moving of the LORD in her life as well.

I do not know what to say to you concerning your experience except to pray for those that GOD gives you leading to pray for and remember that HE does answer prayers but in HIS timing.

God Bless

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Don't misunderstand me. We ALL have areas of pride; no human being is immune to pride. But what i am talking about is the person who is defined by it, and unsaved. They have a spirit of pride. They become enraged if you give them the Gospel, they walk around with their nose up in the air, they are always judging others, often they are boastful, often they are loud (but not always), they seriously lack empathy for others (i.e narcissism).

Thank you Mary Jane for your good advice in that last sentence. Except that i dont know if it is God's leading or not to pray for my lost siblings--i just know that i am sad about it and desire them to be saved and it is scaring me to watch the years tick by and no change.

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Isaiah 58v6, 'Is this not the fast that I have chosen, to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?'

Also, we are told in Deuteronomy, that God humbled Israel to test them, and allowed them to hunger, to let them know that man cannot live by bread alone, Deut 8v2-3.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with pride in others?

Fasting is a means of breaking down pride, not only in ourselves, but in others.

My sister and I prayed for our mother who was filled with pride and unforgiveness for 11 years before she was saved.

Fasting was a means we used, along with much prayer, to bring her to Christ.

If we are not broken before God, it will not help to bring others to that position. As it is, I do know what you mean.
It is frustrating to see prayer go unanswered, when your desire is to see them saved, serve God, and not have to face an eternity in hell without God.

I know I haven't said much to help, but this post is getting a bit long, and I hate long posts.

God bless.

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Trekker, I'd like to tell you a short story a lady told who was a leader in a home group I went to for several years. This lady worked at an electrical supply house. She worked near a man that was very anti-gospel.

One day this guy stood up on the top of his desk and shouted, "I'm going to hell and nobody can stop me!"

This lady kept praying for him. She would at times go around and anoint the building. She was one female there in a world of males. Eventually this man got saved, and he is a totally different person today.

My dad isn't saved and he just turned 80. He is a nice guy though. I am so hurt that he will not accept Jesus Christ. But I was a rebellious son, and I don't talk to much about it--he doesn't want to hear it. One day a few years ago, I honestly thought I heard the Lord tell me to stop praying for him. Maybe the Lord is going to handle it His way. I still continue to pray for him from time to time though.

Have you read "90 Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper? Piper was a Baptist preacher who was in a horrible car wreck--hit by a tractor trailer. He said when you arrive in heaven, your welcoming party is everyone whoever had an influence in your life for Jesus Christ. Intercessory prayers would certainly be in that group I would think.

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Thankyou for sharing that story Endzone. No, i have not read the book. Also, the two people who had the most influence on me and were most responsible for me coming to Christ were not saved themselves so i dont expect to ever be able to see them again, and they were the two people i loved the most.
Ironic, isnt it.

What does anointing the building do? Is it meant to represent the Holy Spirit or draw the Holy Spirit? Should i take a bottle of olive oil and go to my siblings homes in the middle of the night and walk around the house anointing it? I am willing to do that if it would help. But i imagine some special words were said with that anointing (?).


Lately i am getting a growing forboding about things. Am i the only one? I mean, i am becoming a bit frightened or feeling dread about this country and i cant identify what it is. It is getting creepy. There just seems to be "something in the air". Not the physical air but the spiritual air. I get this feeling more and more frequently. Once when i was walking thru Walmart a couple years ago i suddenly out of nowhere got this overwhelming sense of all the lost souls of all these shoppers and employees and it just felt so overwhelming. I didnt know what to do. Tonight again i got another strange gut feeling of impending doom. I'm hoping it is just the weather but this pattern keeps repeating itself and i feel so powerless to change anything.
I've just been praying for God to clean out the pulpits here and fill them with Godly, Holy Ghost filled men.

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