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 The Gospel, THe power and the substitute

I have been thinking about this for a while and it really shakes me head the more the reality of it hits me.

I am sure most of you have read about martyrs of the faith and even those who are truly persecuted for their faith and all the craziness around it.

Here in the U.S. I think about what churches seem to do, in general. Some church have 'bible study and prayer' meetings on Wednesday nights. How many have gone and can truly say a prayer meeting took place? OH, maybe for 5 minutes and then the preacher probably preached for 30 minutes. A bible study or a sermon?

In other church we have the louder music for singing. This also includes youth groups and the gimmicks they put on to attract young people. I was part of that craze in my 20's. I didn't become a believe until I was 20.

The one thing I do not see in America that goes on in other parts of the word is the attention and passion for prayer and boldness of the Gospel, partly in the church and the rest out in the streets.
Instead we seem to use 'distractions' to fill those void.

Take the average church gathering here, even in fundamentalist circles and set it next to the average gathering in other countries. Has the riches of this country choked out the life of God in our midst?

Is AMerican Christianity the reason why there is a rise of atheism in this country? Why people have a small head knowledge of God but are really ignorant of God and the power of God is resigned to mere knowledge and no power whatsoever?

I think the riches of America have choked out our prayers. Who is passionate enough to pray more then 5,10,15 minutes or more and really come from it knowing they were with God vs God are you there?

Then we have pleas from what I call the super pastors, the ones who call christians together to pray for America who are usually from mega churches and/or they are the 'Celebrity' preachers. There intent is well but is the work authentic?

What do you think?

This whole thought process has caused me to ache inside as well. Sometimes I feel like the pharisee who ripped open his cloak out of aggrivation and the disillusionment of what is seen here as Christianity.

maybe, in the end, many pastors are like the laymen, only difference is they preach more and take care of church obligations but the power has been substituted for mammon of some kind.

Just thougts......


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