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John/bible4life, i understand what you are saying. Yes, that is the core of the matter in that you are listening to your feelings (and like you said, probably the devil's lies too). I have a close friend who does pretty much the same thing: he is sensible and fine when things are normal but when a crisis comes or he feels anxiety he only seems to listen to his feelings, rather than common sense, and he regrets it every time. So i am very familiar with how feelings and fears can take a person over and direct all their choices and actions. Not a good way to live or operate, my friend.

Again, the key is to sharpen your Sword (study and memorize specific scriptures related to these fears) and use it. Speak the verses OUT LOUD. Write them on yellow index cards and tape them around your house. When these attacks on your mind come it might also help to praise the Lord OUT LOUD, for it is written, The Lord dwells in the praises of His people. satan the Slanderer has been very successful in harassing the sheep. Harass him back with praise to the Lord! Don't let him pray upon your fears anymore. It can be an uphill trek but you are still growing and all of us grow at different paces, and we all begin at a different spot in the journey. Take heart.

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