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  Propounding a question

Just a question for those who are of Calvinistic or Reformed suasion. Do you keep abreast of current events that affect kingdom realities? What I mean is are you aware of the current changes taking place in the middle east? Do you know what the Muslem Brotherhood is and the part they are playing in Egypt? Are you Calvinisti aware of the part Al Queda is playing in Lybia? Do you know what would happen if regime change took place in Syria? Are you Calvinistic aware of the Islamic challenge to the believing church in the middle east? Do you reformed folks know about the persecuted church? Do you know what unreached people groups are? Do you know how to reach them with the gospel?

I am not trying to be ugly in asking these questions but really am concerned. What gets me is that the Calvinists with their tremendous intellect are clueless to the world around them or so it would seem. I meet reformed folks who will debate you 9 days to Sunday on doctrine. But have no idea of the persecuted church or the rising Islamic challenge. They think Jacobus Arminius is still the enemy of the church.

May I suggest my brotheren in the Reformed movement come out of the 16th century and into the 21st century. To their credit the non Calvinist have a better understanding of changes in the world and how to relate the gospel to it. It is a different world from the 16th century.

Blaine Scogin

 2011/9/18 9:39

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 Re: Propounding a question

This seems like more of a statement than a question.

As for Calvinist or Reformed...I'm not anything...a Messianic Gentile, a Believer in Yeshua, walking to the best of my ability in the Way of the Nazarene.

I care for what is happening in the Middle East, but I can only pray as the Spirit leads me for those being persecuted, as the situation there is well spoken of in Prophecy, and cannot be prevented. I also find myself praying as the Spirit leads me for those doing the persecuting, that they might see Yeshua one day, and be forgiven.

We cannot stop the end of days, or the Time of Jacob's trouble, nor should we, as it brings all this mess here on earth to an end, and places all into Yeshua's hands.

The persecution, pain and suffering will come to each of us in our own way, as YHVH intends to allow, and He is the only answer to those under the threat of death, or pain and suffering.

Most of what is happening in the world is outside of our control, and only YHVH can intervene. And for those that trust in Him, and lean on Yeshua, intervention is given, or the strength to withstand the persecution.

Martyr, I would not wound you, but do you not have your own walk to consider, and your own neighborhood to worry about? Surely that is enough evil for the day.


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 Re: Propounding a question

This question isn't really welcomed on the forum as Calvinist Amerminian discussions are (if my memory serves me well) is frowned upon and is marked as a topic to be avoided on the forum. And I know its not your intention but I found your questions and some of your statements very judgemental and misinformed assumptions, and Im not even Calvinist. Likely a Calvinist won't take so kindly to them. I really don't see any good coming out of such a thread and if the moderators agree to this then it should be locked before the madness and namecalling begin. Sorry if that seems harsh Blaine but I know the potential hate these threads can stir intentional or unintentional.

Matthew Guldner

 2011/9/21 5:03Profile

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 Re: Is this a reformed site?

I thought it was good discussion.
I don't know this group very well but many I am sure wake (are awakened?)many nights a week and go to prayer for S. Sudan, Egypt, our brothers and sisters who are struggeling worldwide. I believe God is calling us to do this as well as send mony, go, and provide for thos who return from those areas. It affected me to the point of my Dr. prescribing tranquilizers. I took a few, but it was God who calmed me. I can stand now, doing all I can from where I am, or where God sends me. I have had many hours of discussion with Muslims, they are not a terror, those who are following islam are trying to be saved by works and need Jesus. Those who are just using islam to gain the world have already lost their souls unless God changes them.
What I learned is that God is in control, He will not be thwarted, and we must do within Christ what we can in every area to impact this world. That helps me, I hope it calms the struggle in you, God is not an author of confusion.... wy do you think America was placed so far from the rest of the world and established in Godly principles?
Peace brothers.

 2011/9/21 12:14Profile

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