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 Extension of subject: Apostolic Succession

I have a question on the title 'Prophet', the work on the Apostolic succession was so good that i thought that I could breach this subject.
Jesus said "the prophets were until John"(Luke 16:16), we see in Mt 4 that when Jesus heard John was in prison He went to Galilee and began preaching the gospel of the kingdom, thus showing us when the "until John" was.
When John died,.. was the title of 'Prophet' not to be used anymore?
Acts 13:1 says that there were 'prophets' (whether named or determined to be people who would prophesy and then generally(wrongly)be called a prophet).
But Jesus said in Mt 5:17 that He fulfilled the prophets (being the Son of God).

So my question is generally, should anyone claim either the title of prophet or the ability of prophet in the Church Age?
Sorry, I know it's a big question :[}

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