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I got this in my email this morning and consider it good - thought that someone else might find it helpful...



-by 'Val'.

In regard to marriage, I had been married for over thirty years to a man who loved the Lord, but our marriage was not going well. I would never leave him since I made a vow, and I knew that the dissolution of my marriage would hurt scores of people, while it would only temporarily assuage my personal pain. I had been praying for a long time about it, and was trying to be the best wife I could.

At one of my really low points I came across some material on
marriage by a man called Emerson Eggerich. He has a website
called 'Love and Respect'. His counsel is absolutely biblical, and simply brings to light the ways in which we have lost the biblical understanding. He unfolds the male psyche (which our grandmothers understood, and feminism has clouded) in a way that challenged me to the very core of my being. Even though I thought I was being the very best wife I could, according to my own instincts, I had completely missed it.

Modern women do not understand men or their core values, the
biggest of them being "respect". I began to reshape my thinking,
my actions and my words according to my new understanding,
and my hardened, somewhat angry husband, who had withdrawn
himself from me in many ways, softened before my eyes. Over a period of months as I continued to pour into him the respect he so desperately needed, he became a funny, sweet, and adoring husband, which continues to this day. We recently celebrated our 40th anniversary.

Women in general have lost their way and followed the world. Our husbands are often miserable because of it. Men are pretty simple creatures. Generally, If we give them what they need, they will do just about anything for us... I cannot recommend this material
more highly to anyone who has struggles in marriage.


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