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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 brother Greg (site moderator) And Brandy Vaughan Officially Courting!!

Brothers and Sisters,

I am very excited to share that for the last 4 months the Lord has brought a wonderful sister of the Lord into my life. We have had email communication and encouragements back in forth in the things of God. Right from the beginning the Lord made it very clear that this was something He was doing and was a special gift from above. We both have been very careful to ensure the Lord's will in these matters and every doubt or feeling was blown away by the Lords grace and providence. By God's grace yesterday and today I was able to get the blessing of all the Fathers in this matter for us to court towards marriage.

I am excited at what the next days and months will bring. We both ask that you be in prayer for us as we continue to get to know each other and share our feelings and the burdens of our heart. We ask you pray protection from any interference of the enemy in our relationship. And that the Lord would abundantly bless these days with joy, peace and self-control in the Holy Spirit. We are excited to be proceeding carefully in a courtship model and not in a worldly dating way. This is the Lord's doing and for His honour and glory.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights." - James 1:17

"For the sake of your word and according to your will, you have done this great thing and made it known to your servant. “How great you are, Sovereign LORD! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears." - 2 Samuel 7: 21-22 (NIV)

"Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and[a] knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!" - Romans 11:33

May Jesus Christ be praised and honoured above all. All glory to the Lamb of God as we follow Him together.

Thank you saints!

Here is a picture of both of us, better ones to come I am sure:

And here is links to both of our twitter accounts please feel free to write notes to either of us and to pray:!/gregjgordon!/followTheLamb

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2011/8/28 9:50Profile

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 Re: Greg Gordon (site moderator) And Brandy Vaughan Officially Courting!!

Congratulations Greg and Brandy:)

Mike Compton

 2011/8/28 10:20Profile

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Congratulations! Brother Greg and Ms. Brandy, that's a great picture. Greg, I have a lifelong friend that we were neighbors as kids, his name is Sonny, I am not kidding yaw could be brothers you look so much alike. God Bless!


 2011/8/28 10:28Profile

 Re: Greg Gordon (site moderator) And Brandy Vaughan Officially Courting!!

And now begins the true path of sanctification :) Congratualtion bro and say Hi to Brandy from the Frank

 2011/8/28 10:59

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 Re: Greg Gordon (site moderator) And Brandy Vaughan Officially Courting!!

God is good. His timing with wisdom. His leadership perfect. His actions with only the purest intentions of a mothers affection. His love never failing! May you bless others with the blessing you've received.

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Congratulations brother! You two will be in my prayers.

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

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Sweden (Northern Europe)


Congratulations to both of you! May God richly bless you!

Sincerely Magnus from Sweden

Magnus Nordlund

 2011/8/28 11:48Profile

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 Re: Greg Gordon (site moderator) And Brandy Vaughan Officially Courting!!

Praise God Brother Greg and Brandy! This brought such joy to my heart. Prayers have gone up for a while now and God has heard them and is bringing them to pass. I pray a hedge of protection around you both as the Lord brings unity of vision and of one mind together. Such a blessing in a day like ours to have such godly people follow His ways. You will surely be blessed.

His and my love to you both. I put your lovely photo as my desktop so I can pray for you both daily.

Isa 55:12 "For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

 2011/8/28 12:24Profile

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 Re: Greg Gordon (site moderator) And Brandy Vaughan Officially Courting!!

Congratulations and God's best to you both! It has been such a joy for me to get to know you both over these last weeks; the heart you both have for the Lord is so evident, and I know He will guide and bless you every step of the way.

Will be praying for you, and looking forward to watching the Father's wonderful plan for your lives unfold.

"As for God, His way is perfect" (Psalm 18:30)

God bless you,


 2011/8/28 13:54Profile

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 Re: Greg Gordon (site moderator) And Brandy Vaughan Officially Courting!!

Brandy looks very sweet, and you look very happy!

Oh praise the LORD! May He bless you both - exceedingly, and abundantly - together in HIM!

*singing* :) <3 \o/

EDIT: I forgot to mention, she is also very beautiful - her heart just shines right through. :)

 2011/8/28 14:03Profile

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