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 law is not applicable to me

the law is not applicable for any of us who are living under the new covenant ie.,new testament. because christ came to redeem us from the law. we now live under the grace. we are no longer under the law. New covenant is superior to the old covenant. only by law i know what is sin. it has been a school master in bringing me to the christ our lord. in the old testament we get forgiveness of sins but in the new testament grace for victory over sin.

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 Re: law is not applicable to me

so does that mean you have a license to do as you wish?

Robert Richtsmeier

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I think there is another thread running on this same issue.


 2011/8/28 11:40


Just looked at the home page. There is a similar thread entitled, 'I have no relationship to the law etc.'. Seems like some good discussion taking place there.


 2011/8/28 11:45

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