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 Hells Best Kept Secret

I would encourage everyone to listen to "Hells Best Kept Secret". I don't believe any other message has effected my Christian walk more then that message.

It can be found at:

You can also watch the video at Ray Comforts site.

For those of you who have heard it, what are your thoughts? What are your likes and dislikes? Has this message changed your life in any way?

 2004/12/20 2:19

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Perth, Australia

 Re: Hells Best Kept Secret

loved it goes in the face of the easy gospel,
read the book a few years ago but didnt get it then,
the Lord waited to i was dissatisfied with the way things were in church the has to be more to this then just say a prayer go home well im saved now?i like the one where you have a big crusade 1000 people say a prayer but next week only two turn up ive seen it.
ive used the law on people at work, it is great it gave me boldness to watch the Holy spirit convict them of sin though they didnt make a choice i know they heard the gospel the whole truth of why he came , how there lost without him.
im about to visit family, so i will with the guidance of God use it with them aswel.
we played it at our cell group they rejected it outright to hard for them to swallow as it goes against all they have been taught.
one thing i know, if you use the law Gods in it. they hear the real gospel then.
i dont mean to say you cant be lead to share another way but true new testament preaching is the law


 2004/12/20 5:48Profile

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The Netherlands

 Re: Hells Best Kept Secret

it was a real "eye-opener" for me, i had always talked with friends about The Gospel without telling them about the law, i sure mentioned about the faults and sin (but not that much, afraid to hurt them), and i didn't talked with them about the law.

Sure the message is Love, because God is Love, but we forget His Righteousness, and His Anger against sin, and His Holiness.

How great can you see His Love, that when He is ready to condemn sinners into hell, and let them perish forever, for every lie, theft, bad word, for every sin, perishing forever, and is still showing His outstretched Hands now in the "days of Mercy", that a sinner can come to The Cross and die with Jesus upon it, and rise with Christ up again. It shows the depth, the pit were he can be saved from and shall be saved from, by accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour, and become a disciple.

When you bring the "full" Gospel, than people dislike it, and reject it and hate it, because it shows the real state of men.

Too bad we want to bring the Gospel too many times, nice, too please them, by bringing a "pleasant" message (without the Law).

And it is true, i experienced it on the times i brought the Gospel, that they say: "i want to think about it" or "i am guilty, but i wanna live my life and pay for it myself" or "shut up" or change the subject, or just laugh.

A great statement Paris Reidhead made was this (when he talked about Wesley, in the sermon 10 Sheckel and a Shirt)

"It wasn't trying to convince good men, that he is in trouble with a bad God. But it was to convince bad men that he deserves the Wrath and Anger of a Good God"


 2004/12/20 6:59Profile

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 Re: Hells Best Kept Secret

Hell's Best Kept Secret is a great message. There was actually a series of 16 sermons that Mr. Comfort offered for free under this title. They are quite good, I have all 16 in mp3 format, perhaps Greg is interested in making them avaliable for download here.

Also, if you like this teaching you will probably enjoy Mr. Comforts book titled 'Revival's Golden Key'. You can download that book in PDF format at the following link;

[url=]Revival's Golden Key by Ray Comfort[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2004/12/20 11:38Profile


Yes, Revivals Golden Key is an absolutely excellent book. I've read it twice and think it may be time to read it again. If you haven't read it yet, maybe you should check it out.

 2004/12/21 8:38

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Fresno CA

 Re: Hells Best Kept Secret

I heard this message about a year ago. I can not put it in to words how this one sermon pionted me to a closer walk with Jesus. All I can say is... I have grown so so much this last year. God has revealed Himself to me.

Another great sermon, It is "Hells best Kept Secret" From the 1960's and it goes by the title

The Right Use of the Law by Paris Reidhead
I Think it is actualy better than Ray's message.

Oh another one is God's Law by Oswald J. Smith

Adam Fell

 2005/1/7 19:40Profile


Yea Ray published a book called "The Worlds Greatest Preachers" which has sermons from men like Martin Luther and Charles Spurgeon on using the Law in Evangelism. I recommend that book to any Christian.

 2005/1/7 23:13

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