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Yes, I do. We understand an "apostle" to be a missionary - setting up Churches and leading the people into how to serve GOD - "a delegate or ambassador of the Gospel" by definition ... the same Greek word used for apostles is also translated as "messenger(s)" [Phil 2:25, 2Cor 8:23 ] and he that is "sent"" [Joh_13:16].
I believe the prophet is not someone who goes around giving 'words', though they can and do, but mainly one who leads people directly to Him Who is The Word of GOD or back to GOD and His Words and obedience to Him / The Word, speaking the need(s) of the hour from The Word.
Of course there are evangelists, teachers and pastors as well. Some of these overlap in some people.
But what I believe is irrelevent. I sure wouldn't debate over it. It's not a salvation issue.

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 2011/8/10 19:09

 Re: jig

Sigh.... Why must everything be a this forum. It was a question. I do believe in the five fold gifts. I also believe ALL of the spiritual gifts are in operation. I speak and pray in tongues. I believe that miracles acompany the preaching of the gospel. I am not a Calvinist. I do not believe in the five canons of Dort. I am not not King James Only. I use the NIV New Testament. I believe there is a persecuted church church where people are dying for Christ. There if people want to debate something there is your ammnution.

My birth name is Blaine Scogin. I am sorry I ever took that nick name, Martyr. So for those who will call me out for my beliefs please use my name as Blaine.

Blaine Scogin

 2011/8/10 19:34

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If I am not mistaken, Moody was not highly educated and Torrey was. The point is, they were used of God because they were submitted to Him. They each walked in the Spirit and were greatly used of God. May we follow their footsteps and be fully yielded to the Master. He is the One who makes all the difference.


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