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 eSword Modules by Missionary to Mexico David Cox

eSword Modules by Missionary to Mexico David Cox -

Here is a webpage that compares Esword and TheWord

If you haven’t found his site before, you’re going to love it! This site is the largest conservative library of eSword resources available anywhere on the planet!

His site is extremely well organized. Even a novice web surfer should have little problem finding all of the gems and jewels he has posted at his site. And it’s not just modules. He has plenty of the best help pages available anywhere.

Missionary Cox is no longer building eSword modules. He has moved to TW (The Word) and is now building TW modules exclusively. However, he has graciously left his website up for eSworders to enjoy. Because he is no longer building eS modules, he has not added much that is new in quite some time, nor has he added any new links (except to us! Thanks, David!!) either.

One caveat: Brother Cox has more eS7x-8x modules than he has eS9x stuff. So you’ll need to pay very close attention to what you download (look for “v9” links). Still, he has hundreds of megabytes of excellent eS9x material available. One other note: because he is not actively maintaining this site, some links are now dead. There is still a ton of good stuff here, though - especially in the “Topics” area.

Brother Cox was the original “third party” website for eSworders to frequent. It’s thanks to his creativity and determination that sites like ours even exist. Thanks, Brother David, for all you’ve done to increase Biblical literacy worldwide, and to be a real help to preachers, teachers & students of God’s Word all over the world.

The Word Modules by Missionary to Mexico David Cox -

One of the best third party module sites in existence. Lots of material - and he’s building modules all the time. If you use “TheWord” Bible software, you’ll love his site!

I think both are great for Bible Study and am currently comparing TheWord.


 2011/8/8 12:56

 Re: eSword Modules by Missionary to Mexico David Cox

This is just incredible, Julius ...

Oh my! We just had a thread on books :)

 2011/8/8 20:12


Yeah, it's pretty cool. A motherload of resources.

Found this too for the Baptists.

Divided up by Authors, Topics and Commentaries.

Here are more E-Sword modules for those of your that like E-Sword.

And for the Methodists. (found this from Mikey's link, today).

I have been checking TheWord software today and so far I do like it better than E-Sword. Probably will use both until I settle on one.



 2011/8/8 21:19


Oh my! I surely do owe you and David Cox and major Thank you.

I've been wanting the 4 volume "The Fundamentals" series edited by Torrey + for about 10 yrs and even just prayed again for them last week :)


I found these pages have more books then the link I posted earlier. But to look through the other letters, you need to change the letter in the address bar to get these listings.

Boy, did I download a LOT of books so far. Having a Wonderful time.

Next, to look at the latest links you've posted :)

Great Blessings and Thank you both again, very much!!!

 2011/8/8 21:57

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