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 Receiving Christ

Ron Bailey (philogos) has written a short article on this topic .. you can read it below in its entirety in a pdf file:


The phrase has become one of the most familiar in contemporary evangelical Christianity, but what does it mean? In most evangelical groups it has come to mean a personal response to the gospel. In evangelistic meetings or personal evangelism the enquirer is encouraged to make a response to a small subset of Bible doctrines often referred to as the gospel. These are sometimes reduced to 4 steps, the concept being that agreement with these truths and the praying of a simple prayer of confession and commitment effects a transaction in which the enquirer ‘receives Christ’. I came this way, as have many thousands of others. It was a starting place and not to be dishonoured. Every genuine response to God is of vital importance and not to be mocked.... read more (click below)



feel free to start a discussion on this topic.. I want to myself to carefully read this, I think its a very important subject for us to delve into.

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