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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The altar call is it good or bad? Some quotes about why it is not biblical and decieving.

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I got saved answering an altar call.

Rick Byerly

 2011/8/6 22:54Profile

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Locport, Illinois


i did not post this to say that people have not got saved through coming to an altar to surrender their heart to Christ, but these quotes are very powerful on the subject and are not fully comprehended of its truthfulness unless you have been around professing Christians who seem to care less of living holy and with many people falling away from the faith, they estimate almost 80 to 90 percent professing christians who after leaving college leave their faith behind. That is very serious, i have been also to fairs where they actually will take people through the gospel and sinners prayer through using beads of different colors and i ssaw my wife and her friend who did it to just to get the beads, then could care less about that decision. I mean the problem is with this type of evangelism because it is decieving so many people, think about the vacation bible school altar calls with the young people, you very well might have got saved, but many are not and that is why we need to get back to true evangelism.

John Beechy

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Brother John, I believe the problem is this, its not a lack of Evangelism or even wrong tactics (though there is definitely this going on) but it is an extreme lack of discipleship taking place.

You made your decision to become a Christian and so Now What? this is what many don't really understand nor do they at times ever truly seek the answer, that or the only answer they ever get is "Be a good boy/girl, read your bible, pray, and go to church and you will be doing alright"

If this is the answer they receive they will never remain a Christian, but if however they truly come to their end and really meet God this will change their lives forever. Christianity is based not on religious acts but a relationship with God. You can't teach a relationship and the relationship isn't in the religion but in everyday life and just seeking after God.

A baby Christian doesn't get this and so they either 1. become bored with religion and leave or 2. become another Pharisee that things doing good things is enough to save them.

Matthew Guldner

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Celina, Texas


Freerider, if you will reread some of the quotes you will hear some of these men say that some people get saved in spite of the alter call and not because of it.

Mguldner, It is a cart before the horse logic for discipleship. One must be regenerated first before they can be discipled. One does not waste their time teaching warfare to a pacifist right? We train our children most certainly and no 4 year old gets regenerated but that is not what we are talking about. It is the misunderstanding of the salvation and the means by which it comes. This tradition has no place in scripture and if it has no place in scripture, what place has it in the church. It most certainly has a place in darkness as it has riddled the bride with wedding crashers who are not of the bridal party. So much so that the bride is but the small minority in most churches. Certainly there are exceptions but this has become the rule more than the exception.

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I think I will go back to rlistening to Revelation. More uplifting.


 2011/8/7 11:03

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