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 God moments

Have you ever had a circumstance in which you were carrying on your every day activities and suddenly you had to bow your head and/or close your eyes and just prayed or stood in the Presence of God not caring about what was going on around you? Maybe His Presence was so strong that it caused you to weep? Maybe repent? But it just caused you to stop what you were doing and your heart focused on God and you HAD to change?

I have had tremors of these come up recently for me. I sense it from my inner being, in my heart going up through my throat bypassing my head. Sometimes I feel it feels like a passionate love song flowing up from me but the words are in silent emotions. I have noticed that through it my thoughts are becoming more and more 'not of this world' type of thing. I don't say that to be religious sounding, it is a strengthening inside is what it feels like. I also have part of a Marc Anthony song ringing through my being as well. 'Rain over me' just his part where he sings this verse keeps going through me while I sense something coming up from me.

Do you have any experiences that changed or you just caused you to stop before God?


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 Re: God moments

For me it is a little different - my God moments come when I watch a hummingbird suspended in air out my kitchen window....or when I watch 2 baby fawns and their mama that not only live in our backyard, but lay down under the shade tree.....or the rainbow after a storm....or the beautiful sunsets that God paints many an evening....or the newborn baby of a friend....I do not believe I will EVER cease to be in awe of such moments and the beauty that God has created and placed before me as respites in a pain-filled world....yes - my God-moments cause me to weep, and everyone around me thinks I am fanatical, but I don't care - because those moments are put there by my God just for me....

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