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Psalm 31......

In you oh Lord I put my trust
May I never be ashamed
For you are my Rock and strong high tower
And my wild heart you have tamed

I stand upon the solid Rock
Of Christ my King Divine
You lead and guide, you are my strength
I the branch, You the Vine

Consider my troubles oh Lord my God
In grief my eyes waste away
My bones are dry, I have no strength
My life is like an endless day

My enemies laugh, they are full of scorn
And fear lies on every side
I'm a broken vessel, forgotton and lost
And I'm drowning by an incoming tide

Yet I trust in you, you are my God
And my times they are in your hand
And I shall hide, in the secret place
And on this Rock I shall forever stand

How great is your goodness oh Mighty God
You are the Rock of my salvation
Love the Lord your God, ye saints of earth
For He bring justice to every nation

Psalm 32..........

Oh Lord when I kept silent
My bones indeed grew old
This drought has sapped my very life
Into slavery I've been sold

Yet even now I will cry out
And confess my sins to thee
You'll rend the heavens and come down
And in your presence I am free

And with my voice I did cry out
From a place where I was bound
Now is the time to cry to God
In a time when He may be found

And you shall be my hiding place
You will guide me with your eye
And you will lead me where you will
Even if I must surely die

Psalm 33.......

Sing unto our God a new song
Lift up your hands to Him in praise
For He is our Lord and lifter of our heads
And we shall bow to Him all of our days

By the word of His mouth, the heavens sprang to life
And He gathers up the oceon in a heap
The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord
And the order of the stars is His to keep

So let the earth rejoice and the people stand in awe
He rides upon the circle of the earth
From heaven above, He sees the sons of men
They glorify the Lord they long to serve

No king is saved by the number of his men
His strength shall not deliver in that hour
Our hope is in the Lord and Him alone
Its by His Spirit not by might nor pow'r

So we wait upon you Lord
You are our strength and shield
We trust in you alone forever more
We lift your name on high
And forever we shall cry
When you knock we run and open up the door

Psalm 34.........

I will bless the Lord at all times
My souls shall make its boast in thee
I will bless the Lord at all times
For He's the one who came and set me free

I sought the Lord and He heard me
And He delievered me from all my fears
I sought the Lord and He heard me
He came down and dried up all of my tears

Let our faces shine as we gaze on thee
Let us run into our strong high tower
Let our faces shine as we gaze on thee
Exalting you in this our final hour

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good
And you can trust Him with all of your heart
Oh taste and see that the Lord is good
And from Him we shall never ever part

He is close to those whose hearts are broken
And He loves a spirit that it contrite
He is close to those whose hearts are broken
He will draw near when in our darkest night

And though the afflictions of the saints are many
The Lord delivers us out of them all
And although the affliciton of the saints are many
He always hears our desperate call

 2011/9/1 20:57

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I only read the Psalm 34 one (it's late here), but I really liked it. It was very encouraging. May the Lord bless you as you take on this endeavor!


 2011/9/2 0:25Profile


Thank you Veronica.......... brother Frank

 2011/9/2 11:01


Psalm 35..........

You are a shield to me oh Lord
You are the salvation of my soul
May my enemies be as chaff before the wind
And rain on their heads fires of coal

Let all who rise up against you
And those who seek my life
Flee before the angel of the Lord
They are purveyors of misery and strife

My soul rejoices in your justice
And I cry " who is like unto you"
You see the distress of the poor and needy
Nothing is hidden from your view

Lord I have wept over my enemies heart
Yet they reward me evil for good
I fasted for them when they were sick
Yet they consumed me like devils food

How long oh Lord will you look on
As the evil sweeps in with the tide
Will you move your hand to stay the flood
Or shall I take to the cave and hide

Oh Lord I hear nothing, all is silence
And you seem to be far from me
My enemies rejoice at my falling
Oh Lord, can you not see?

Let them shout for joy and be glad
who favor the righteous cause
May you be high and lifted up
So we hear men and angels applause

Psalm 36.................

There's an oracle in my heart
And it bubbles up through me
It speaks of wicked men
And the God they cannot see

The river of your pleasures
Flows to the fountains of your life
And the wicked shall not prosper
Where the Bridegroom meets the bride

The tallest of the mountains
And the deepest of the seas
Are smaller than your faithfulness
That surely covers me

From the river of life I drink
And it quenches all my needs
Beneath the shadow of your wings
I will tell of your mighty deeds

Psalm 37............

The righteous man has little
And the wicked they are rich
But the Lord upholds His children
And the blind fall in a ditch

It seems that many prosper
And the righteous go unseen
But the Lord He sees in secret
And our hearts He washes clean

The Lord upholds the righteous
The wicked turn night to day
Their time is at an end
Like smoke, they shall blow away

The righteous they show mercy
And every one of their steps are planned
And though they fall, yet not forever
He upholds them with His hand

I once was young but now am old
Yet I have never begged for bread
He is faithful now and evermore
The Lord of the living and dead

Now if you wait upon the Lord
You shall inherit the land
You shall walk in peace and loving joy
And in His presence you shall stand

Psalm 38.............

Oh Father in your hot displeasure
Your arrow pierces deep
There is no soundness in my flesh
And my eyes continually weep

My sins consume me night and day
Foul and festering are my wounds
My heart it fails, I have no strength
And in the darkness I am consumed

I will declare my iniquity
And suffer turmoil for all my sin
Do not forsake me oh my Lord
Save me from what lies within

Psalm 39.................

I will guard my tongue and hold my peace
And be mute before my accuser
Not a word shall I utter in my defence
As I stand before my abuser

For I am nothing but a shadow and a vapour
I am a man who walks in sorrow
Like the grass of the field and the birds of the sky
Here today, but gone tomorrow

And the rich man builds a bigger barn
And for him the bell does toll
Oh foolish man you have discounted God
This very night He may require your soul

Oh hear my cry oh precious God
Avert your gaze from me
Until I'm covered by your Blood
And its Christ alone you see

 2011/9/6 1:16


Psalm 40...........

I waited patiently upon the Lord
That He may hear my cry
Surrounded by darkness on every side
In this place I will surely die

Where is this place I thought I knew
Its dark, its dimply lit
I looked around and all I could see
Was the bottom of the bottomless pit

I looked up and could see no light
And cried out " O God help me."
And in an instant His hand came down
And before I knew it I was free

I was out of the pit and standing on the Rock
I could feel the sun on my face
My heart was warm, there was a song on my lips
I was engulfed in a warm embrace

And now I delight to do your will
Your law is written on my heart
Neither death nor life or anything
Shall ever keep us apart

Psalm 41..............

In my time of trouble
The Lord shall deliver
Even on my sickbed
You are with me forever

Even when I am sick and weak
My enemies say "he'll not arise"
Yet you are merciful to me o Lord
Your glory fills the morning skies

I cannot even trust my friend
Who sat and ate my bread
And now I feel so much alone
He would also see me dead

Blessed be the Lord my God
Set me before your face forever
And though they seek to trample me
By your hand you shall surely deliver

Psalm 42.............

As the deer pants for the water
So my soul longs after thee
My heart wanders through this desert
And there is no joy in me

I remember the days of your presence
How your Spirit burned in me
Shall I forever wander in this desert?
O Lord shall I ever be free?

Night and day I continually weep
My tears have almost ran dry
My starving soul continues to seek
For the glorious one who reigns on high

Where is the voice of joy and praise
For I surely remember all the days
When we came and soght and found Him there
Yet now I'm lost and He is no-where

I will remember the Lord my King
And I will lift my voice and sing
Of all His glories and His deeds
So now my Lord my soul it pleads

My downcast soul cries out to deep
A song awakes me frm my sleep
Angel choirs they fill the night
My eyes are dried I have my sight

Now that I can clearly see
I hear my God say "trust in me."
And up from the dead my soul shall rise
To the Lord my King who heard my cries

Psalm 43..............

O Lord it seems that your not there
I seek you every day
The unjust man he taunts me Lord
And this is what I hear him say

There is no help, you are alone
Your God He does not care
He's fallen asleep, forgotton you
He simply is not there

But Lord I know and trust in you
With light and truth you fill
If I will follow these alone
They'll lead me to your hill

There I will come before my King
Into that holy place
Where hope and joy doth rule supreme
And crowned by all your grace

Psalm 44..........

Oh Lord we hear the tales
Of saints from long ago
Who came into your presence
And in your Spirit, flow

Your Shekinah fell like morning dew
Upon them one and all
Your glory and your majesty
Before your throne they fall

Its by the light of countenance
That we take the promised land
Its by your strength and your right arm
That we walk hand in hand

But now o Lord you've cast us off
And put us all to shame
The enemy comes and takes from us
And we shall never be the same

Arise O Lord, please do not sleep
Why do you hide your face
Our souls are bowed down to the dust
We cry out for your grace

Psalm 45............

You are fairer than the sons of men
Full of grace and majesty
Omnipotent and glorious
Sweet blessed Trinity

And in your majesty you ride
On the backs of love and grace
You live and reign forevermore
You are perfect in all your ways

Your throne O God is eternal
And majestic are all your ways
You are greater than the sons of men
Without number are all your days.

 2011/10/4 1:15

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