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 How does one determine a ripe harvest?

Hello everyone! I'm asking the question, "How do you determine a ripe harvest?" Jesus stated In john 4 and 35, " Look on the fields for they are white all ready to harvest." Aside from the fact that Jesus is omniscient, how did He know. Can we know? I am putting together information on evangelism and would love any feed back. Thanks!


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 Re: How does one determine a ripe harvest?

Your question has also caused me to ask and consider..

Matthew Henry's commentary has some good things to say about this.

" If the corn that is ripe be not reaped, it will shed and be lost, and the fowls will pick it up. If souls that are under convictions, and have some good inclinations, be not helped now, their hopeful beginnings will come to nothing, and they will be a prey to pretenders."

Also in Adam Clarke's commentary, he points out that it was after the woman at the well planted the word, that it was then Jesus told the disciples to look at the harvest in Samaria! :)


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 Re: How does one determine a ripe harvest?

Relying on the Holy Spirit helps quite a bit! He will never lead us to fields that are not ripe. AND they may not always be ripe but in need of water or to be planted.

God bless,


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