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 Final Report on Valve Replacement

Although Paul Hattaway had asked for anonymity before the surgery, I believe he has sent this to all of us who prayed, so I post it. Thank you for all your prayers. Vic

"Dear Friends,

Tomorrow it will be four weeks since my heart valve replacement surgery. Many people have asked for an update on how I have been doing.

The surgery took place on July 6th, and I have often felt the tangible presence and peace of God through the whole process. It has been a great learning experience for me, as the Lord walked me through the process. Initially there was fear, then trust, submission, and finally strong faith that my whole life is in His hands. My heart is fine, although I am still a bit sore from the broken sternum.

There was one difficult moment which I would like to share. Four days after surgery I was doing so well that the doctors were considering releasing me early from the hospital. Then all of a sudden my heart started beating at 130 to 140 beats per minute, which is about the same rate as someone sprinting along a road. They gave me some pills to slow the heart rate down, and said I should be fine within 30 minutes. An hour later nothing had changed so they gave me more pills, then again, and again…. My heart continued to beat rapidly for 14 hours straight. Even though it is the middle of winter in New Zealand, I was covered with sweat and asked the nurses to open the window as wide as it would go to let the cool breeze in.

My wife came to visit me the next morning and she saw I was struggling. I was laying on my side and was barely able to talk. Joy got a cold cloth and wiped the sweat off my face and neck. I could hear she was crying behind me and she gently placed her hand on me and asked Jesus to heal me. She then left to take care of our boys. A minute or two later the surgeon and a nurse burst into my room. They said they had been monitoring my heart rate from a monitor down the hall, and just a minute or two earlier my heart had suddenly slowed back down to a normal 70 beats per minute! The relieved surgeon said he was greatly alarmed and if my heart hadn’t slowed down within the next hour they would have to sedate me and cut my chest open again to try to find what the problem was.

I was in hospital for 7 days before being released. From the time the Lord touched my heart until today I have had no more problems with my heartbeat. Hallelujah!

I want to say thank you to all those who have prayed for us and shown love and concern. I have a deeper appreciation of the Body of Christ worldwide, and have been humbled to learn of many believers who prayed for me, from intercession groups in diverse nations like Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia, as well as loving Christians all around the Western world. I have been told more than 1,000 house church leaders in China prayed for me on the day of the operation.

I am still recovering and will be taking it easy for a while longer for my broken sternum to heal before I can slowly returning to normal.

I don’t plan to send out any more messages about this, so once again I want to thank you all for praying and for all your encouragement and love.

For the Soon Coming King,

Paul Hattaway"

Vic Zarley

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 Re: Final Report on Valve Replacement

Thank you so much for this last update VicZ.
Praise the Lord for His caring love!!

"I am still recovering and will be taking it easy for a while longer for my broken sternum to heal before I can slowly returning to normal."

Will continue to pray for this brother.

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