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 prayer for my pastor

My pastor wanted prayer from me so i wanted also the saints to pray for him too. My pastor has been at my church for almost a year now and he is not officialy the pastor completely yet, but in september he will be voted for by the church. My pastor is big on the expository bible teaching and actually one of the issues from the church is that he really isn't a preacher but more of a teacher if you know what i mean. Their is also other issues that he has struggled with with our church or southern baptist traditions and so on, and i think it has been at times kind of hard for him. He told me has a word from the Lord tommorrow to preach to the church about something, please pray for his confidence and strength from the Lord. Also pray for my church and the people their.

John Beechy

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 Re: prayer for my pastor


I will pray for your pastor but to be honest sometimes it's an uphill battle that can't be won to go into an old church and try to bring in new things, most people just don't like change!

Not saying this is right or wrong but the way churches are today, if one doesn't preach the way the old folks want, they will vote his hinny out! And if they don't, there will always be those certain someone's who are constantly criticizing him to others behind his back, constantly planting seeds for his destruction. I know, right? It's terribly sad.

If he wants to stay and fight, please listen to this sermon and have him listen to it; I believe it can help.

Wolves by Carter Conlon

It's about false teachers but it also about the people in a congregation who steer the weak away from Godly influence. Excellent sermon on the wolves in our congregations, worth listening to several times.

God bless your pastor,


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