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 Re: Moving to Romania

God definitely knows how to pick 'em. :-P We all pray for the best for you in Romania. Don't hesitate at God's lead, and be bold, despite your usually timid nature; keep 2 Timothy 1:17 in your heart.
Also, remember 2 Corinthians 2:14 while in Romania.
We're glad you'll be able to continue using SermonIndex -- we expect frequent updates and praises. ;-) God bless. :-)

Mary M.

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 Re: Moving to Romania

OH May the Lord bless you indeed, Daniel!
I had noticed your location had changed and was wondering about that. This is just incredible.

I am a very young man with relatively little experience,

Well you had me fooled! Since you have been here and following your post's I had you mistaken for being much older and your 'relatively little experience' sure was lost on me!

There is so much here that I could fill pages in response, but you struck a chord with
Just the thought of preaching the Gospel makes me nervous.

A strange phenomenon for myself as well, since I don't really fear man....or do I? I think I fear myself more that I would come across as a bumbbling idiot and be a disservice to our Lord, could be just a case of 'chicken-itis'.

But praise God for your courage to be bold and overcome this and I like this;
However, I am encouraged that the Lord has all the power and even the desire to overcome anything and everything of our natural disposition that hinders Him from being lived out

Many times, I was even overcome with physical sickness just before we would go out. However, the Lord broke through, and during those times, we passed out over 1,600 Gospel tracts, an amazing feat in the city of Rome. Through corporate family prayer and praise, I was many times empowered by the Holy Spirit and filled with the sweetness of the peace of Christ to get that work accomplished.

I say this to illustrate practically how the Lord can overcome what we are in ourselves in order that He would be glorified. This isn't necessarily either about "doing something." As long as Christ is expressed through us, what we are doing is irrelevant.

Well said!

What an awesome, encouraging word this all is! The Lord surely is with you, leading and guiding you. I pray that this will be an exciting time in your life as you begin this adventure. Know that you will be in my prayers continually and look forward to hearing all that the Lord will be doing in and through you.
Praise God!

Mike Balog

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