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hello all. i need some help. i have really been trying to work on my prayer life. i don't know why, but about a month ago, i was absolutely terrified while praying. scared to death, as if, and i know that this is going to "Exorcist"esque, something evil was in my house and battling me. now i believe in spiritual warfare, but i have never experienced any thing like this, but, i am not the type of person that hears a creak in the floor and screams "Demon!!". but i am in need of advice. has anyone experienced this before or am i just conjuring up things in my mind? please, any advice please.

Dave Jenkins

 2011/7/13 17:26Profile

 Re: Prayer

Hi Dave. Sounds like you're being tested.
You said, "I have really been trying to work on my prayer life.'

First you need to understand where a child of GOD stands by coming to a true mental grip of WHO lives inside of you.
Creator GOD - GOD Almighty. You'll see in my signature, the verses about how Jesus created even the principalities. They were Angels, but the 1/3 that fell are demons, as you know... but nevertheless - they have No Power over a child of GOD but they'll test you to see if you know that fact and especially when you start out to mean business with a true prayer life, etc for GOD.
No need to do much, but just realize who you are In Christ and that Creator Christ is In you and when the fear goes - the enemies go too and GOD uses those experiences to make you mighty in faith, prayer and spirit. The enemy cannot even come near us without GOD seeing that it will work for the good in the long run. No need to start screaming things at them and all of that - Just KNOW who you are In Christ and that GOD is In you and they flee. The more of a spectacle one makes of their "Boo - spooked ya" attempts, the longer they'll hang around to see how worked up they can get ya.
As long as you're not in some really heavy duty sin or anything like that - they have nothing on you - just their Halloween type pranks to try to get a rise out of you.

Once I came to understand WHO resides in me - the One they are actually terrified of [read the Gospel accounts] and learned their devices, they had to come up with every new and different trick in the book to cause me to fear them and I mean that but they don't succeed, so they may try to scare us in our dreams when they can no longer spook us while you're awake - so you just wake yourself up and take that same Stand of Authority that scares the daylights out of them - which is GOD. Anyone who truly means business with GOD will have something to try to cause fear in them and mainly to get us to "not be so serious about this GOD stuff."
When he can't get us to fear anymore, he'll use people to come after you in mean ways. His list of tricks is endless [almost] but once you know The LORD GOD of Hosts is In you - you get stronger and stronger with each new attack - just by standing on the Truth of HIS Word.

Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world.
No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
His Word is all that Jesus used against Him and all that we need as well. Grounded in The Word!

You might like these - I downloaded them and the Ps 119 is my favorite. Bless The LORD!!

Yep, it's a good sign that they're trying to spook you. It only means that you are a threat in prayer and otherwise - but once you realize that they can't do a thing to you, except to do that "Boo" thing - like, "We're Hereee" - and you just smile inside in confidence because of who you are In Christ and Who HE is In you - they'll leave off of that tactic. They always leave when a person knows where their GOD is. :) Read about the Apostle Paul, who was only about 5 ft tall. Read his life story. Now that always makes me smile.

The more serious you are about a walk with GOD, every day will be some sort of test with either spook tactics, or people coming at you, or temptations or whatever - but nothing can come at you without HIM allowing it for Romans 8:28 for 29 - so just keep on getting even more serious with GOD and His Word with prayer and you'll only become a warrior/overcomer :)


 2011/7/13 21:58

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Sister I have been listening to these since you posted. They are sooo wonderfully beautiful! Thank you so much.

Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. His Word is all that Jesus used against Him and all that we need as well. Grounded in The Word!



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Sister, Bless you for Loving His Word!!!

You know the 'day dream' that brings me the greatest joy on earth and goose bumps on my arms with happy tears as well, is to imagine the day that we all See Him and I can stand way in the back and watch as each Saint receives their reward and "Well done" from Jesus. I live for that day. Sort of like a Great University Graduation Day. It truly brings tears of joy to dwell on and I know that you feel the same way. I just want to see Him, but then just watch as others get their rewards. Joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Great peace have they that Love His Word.

Great Joy to you, and Dave as well.

 2011/7/14 11:29

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