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 JULY 9 - Daily Readings from Basilea Schlink

The door to the heavenly Father’s house has been opened through Jesus Christ. Yet so often we live outside. Sadly, we have discovered so little about what it means to live in the Father’s house. There a child is at home. Surrounded by joy and security, he knows he is loved and can come to the Father with all that is on his heart. He receives more advice and help than he could ever ask for or imagine. He is committed to the will of the Father and to all His leadings. In receiving the Father’s forgiveness, he finds that his deepest needs are met. Jesus wants to draw us into the Father’s house when He tells us that we should become like little children — dependent and without influence or prestige. Who will respond to His call?


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 Re: JULY 9 - Daily Readings from Basilea Schlink

This reading is a piercing arrow. Every Christian would benefit to sit in silence and examine their life in this context.

Am I TRULY dwelling in the Father's house or am I camping outside?

Do I TRULY know the joy, peace and comfort that only comes from dwelling in Him?

If not, it can only mean that I am holding onto something He's asked me to release. What is it?

The answer, for many of us, can be found in the last sentence. Is it independence? A desire for Influence or prestige? Perhaps it's a sin, pride or anger that we won't release? Are we afraid of being "found out" publicly about something?

Imagine this: The Day of the Lord has come. You're standing before Him face to face. (Or, rather, prostrate before HIm.) As Brother Ravenhill loved to say: "Five minutes inside eternity and we will wish that we had sacrificed more! Wept more, bled more, grieved more, loved more, prayed more, given more!"

Knowing that, we can do something about it RIGHT NOW! This is one of those, "if I knew then what I know now" kind of things. We know NOW that we'll wish we would have done more of all of these things! So we have the opportunity to act on this now, while we still can!

Any pain, embarrassment, or hurt we go through on this earth pales in comparison to the fullness of the riches in the FIRST sentence of this reading: "The door to the heavenly Father’s house has been opened through Jesus Christ." The miracle of all miracles! Treasure of all treasures! This is the pearl in the field! Sell all you have and buy that field, saints!

Whatever holds us back from dwelling in this fullness, Father, help us to see it for what it truly is and give us the strength and the wisdom to release it to You.


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