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 Our Victory in the Day of the Lord

Our Victory in the Day of the Lord

We recognize the fact that, there is an ultimate day of the Lord when all His invincible and outward enemies will finally have an end within and without; yet this is not what we are touching here. It is very possible we are nearer such a day of wrath to God enemies and Joy to His children. Seeing the filth, perversion and the ever increasing evil of the imagination of men and the justification of horrible evil such as was in Sodom and Gomorrah. Not only in the world, but men will also dare endorse such horrible dirty perversion in the name of Christ, our Holy God. Some even claimed God created them like they are. They are blind children, who see not the demons possessing them and giving them such unnatural affections. If they will see this, perhaps they will rather seek in patience for Christ to deliver them from the power of such perversion, than to obey those affections in practicing those abominable acts as some are already deliver by Christ.

The rate the world is getting father from God, and nearer the full manifestation of evil and a blind many Christendom marrying the spirit of the world, is getting so dangerous that if some supernatural intervention is not given, then we will see a world far worst than Sodom in some decades to come. Will God remain indifference about it? History and the scriptures will tell us no, and we belief he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The Manifestation of the Lord’s Day, in Our Daily Lives.

As there is a natural night and day in the natural world, there is also a night and day in the spiritual. As the natural sun gives light to the earth in the day, so does Christ the spiritual sun , brings in His light, will and comfort in his day to his children after they under go many nights of sorrow, afflictions, perplexity, confusion etc in there daily lives.

The more days and nights we have in the natural life, the more we increase in our natural growth. The same principle is true of the spiritual. It will take many nights of sorrows, afflictions, trials, cessations of revelations, temptations etc and many days of strength, comfort, revelations etc for us to grow in Christ.

Naturally what we prefer is just the day of spiritual comfort, gifts, fulfillment of promises, revelations but this will not do us any eternal good if we pass not through many nights of trials, temptations, cessations, sorrow, loneliness etc. The night reveals who we are and the day reveals who Christ is. We must first die in the night before we resurrect in the day of Christ.

Similitude of the Night and the Lord’s Day in our Daily Life

1. A. In the natural, the day light does not prevent our expectation of the coming of the night, and so when it comes we are never surprise and have patience to bear with it. We should have the same attitudes in the spiritual. Unless we know the fact that, the spiritual comfort, joy, fulfillment of promises, strength of today will not prevent many more nights of trials, affliction, sorrows, weakness, cessations, etc we will be bound to be overtaken in the night in failure, because of our lack of watchfulness and false security.


7Truly the light [is] sweet, and a pleasant [thing it is] for the eyes to behold the sun: But if a man live many years, [and] rejoice in them all; yet let him remember the days of darkness; for they shall be many. All that cometh [is] vanity.

(Eccle. 11v 7-8).

"I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet"

It is the common of some that the Lord day apostle john is talking about in the scripture above is talking a natural day . Yet that opinion is country to new testerment teachings for all days in the new covenant are all equal and the believers in the new testement understood the true meaning of the sabbath. John is talking about a new day of visitation of the Lord through revelations and angelic visitations.

B. In the natural when the night comes we patiently waits for the day light with hope, because of experience, we know as long as there is life, the night will not remain forever. It will take just some hours for the sun to shine in the day; so the present night does not take our hope for the coming of a new day. We should have the same attitude and hope in our spiritual night of trials, sorrow and afflictions when Christ the sun, goes down or seems to hides himself and unconcern about what we are going through. Christ allows the night for a purpose and purification. It will not prevent the new day of His coming in comfort and consolation , if we are faithful in seeking and waiting on Him even during such period of perplexity.

One night spiritual experience in itself can take many years in the natural, yet we are not making its duration a formula or doctrine. It can take hours, days, months or years in one cycle, as God sees fit. We have heard testimony of brothers who experience such periods in one cycle for years. We are not talking about the wilderness experience of separation from religion but the periodic cessation of the comfort we received from God. In the testimony of another brother he said, for fourteen years the striking relationship he had with God cease. The gifts ceased, while before this period they were highly manifested. He saw the sick healed and sinners including drug addicts save under the power of Christ, but when the night came all this ceased. It was not because he fell in sin, God was just taking him to higher realm trough testing and trials in the night

This is more than a called into the wilderness for in the wilderness there is day and night. It is the night season of our journey into Christ in the wilderness we are touching here. When the comfort we receive from men ceases we easily seek God’s comfort, this is not a night as longs as we are receiving striking comfort from God. Yet there is another painful season when we neither receive comfort from God or man. The Lord knowing when He hides His face we will easily be tempted to seek comfort and answers from man, He allows us to be misunderstood by men including those well meaning dear ones. Rejection from well meaning people is a work of the cross.

In the cross the Lord was rejected by all including His disciple, and we should not think it strange or feel guilty even when those we think will almost lay their lives for us rejects us because they understand us not. Yet this is not the end, for in the night of the crucifixion in the cross the Lord was not only rejected by his disciples but he later cried ““My God my God , why has thou forsaken me ?” . We must know these two states in that night, first rejection by men and a hiding of God face in us.

Are you going through this period? Be not discourage, neither stop seeking His strength in prayers and occasional fasting. Something of eternal value is working in you, so be still and listen not to those contrary voices which will come within from the wrong source .Be a dead man who is waiting for a resurrection in His day of strength and comfort.

C. When the Lord spoke to His disciples in parables, it was always a night of spiritual knowledge. As long as the true meaning of any truth or will of God is not clear to us that is a night. When we seek to know the meaning of why, we are going through a certain situation from the Lord and he remains silent that is also a night.

Our called in the night is to be still and wait not to work. If we try to work, we must stumble because we are doing it out of our impatience nature and not under Christ Leading.

Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world.

10 But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.


Our responsibility is to continue seeking the mind and strength of the Lord in all seasons, and His is to answer and give strength. Let us remain faithful, and we must find Him faithful at His best time. When we understand not where we are or going, or how to solve a certain issue etc the answer is , to lay all on his feet and leave all in His hands and patiently wait for His day of divine knowledge and counsel. If we continue seeking Him in unceasing prayers in all seasons with occasional fasting even in the night, His day will come in us and a spiritual understanding will be imparted in us by His spirit and we should be willing to walk according to that measure of Light.

The Secret Place of the Most High

To Live and serve the Lord in the day and night will mean we are dwelling in His secret place where His ways are reveal and victory achieved. Every victorious saint of all ages dwells in this place in different degrees, which was why they overcome. We can obtain freedom; serve God in the midst of Babylon and Sodom because internally we are in the secret place of the most high. Christ in us is the mystery of the secret place of the most high. Through His abiding in us we are able to do all things.

When we murmur, complain, discourage, stumble in sin, let us remember that many like us rejoice and overcame in the same situation we fell, because they were abiding in the secret place by seeking Christ strength, life and mind even in such trying periods. The secret place reveals why:

A.A few overcome in the very place many forsake the way of truth because of fret and discouragement.

B. Why some keep walking in Love and pleasing God, in the very pace many fall because of the opposition, misunderstanding and the rejection they faced.

C. Why some keep rejoicing, in the very place many complain and murmur against God.

D. Why some will forgive, in the very place many will desire the end of their offenders.

E. Why some keep walking in humility, in the very place many fall in pride

F. Why some keeps seeking God, in the very place many will stop seeking Him because they feel God is no longer hearing them.

G. Why some keep standing, in the very place many falls because the “Peters” are denying the Lord.

H. Why some keeps seeking the Lord even without manifestation or signs, in the very place many will grow cold becomes spiritual exercise like prayer looks lifeless and boring, without manifestation or comfort.

I. Why some will die as martyr (literal or spiritual), in the very place many will save there Lives.]

J. Why some continue seeking the interest and heart of the Lord in the very place many will care only their own interest and heart desire.

H. Why some are satisfy in God approval and honor alone, in the very place many will not be satisfy until they received man approval and honor.

May we be daily wise enough to seek this secret place, which is the work of Christ in us, the hope of glory. Amen.


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