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 Four Dangerous Words.

The four most dangerous words ever spoken in my opinion are, "Hath God really said?"

If the world is as a theater, and the church is one theater within that theater, and there is a preacher shouting fire in that crowded theater, the emergent church is the exit door in that theater, and the men shouting fire are its preachers. The way they shout fire is, "Hath God really said?" If you want to exit the church, exit the faith, and make shipwreck of impressionable babes in Christ, attend one of these "progressive" dens of doubt-mongering.

My heart is broken to tears at people whom I love so deeply, and have shared so much with over the years, who are being consumed by these ravenous wolves. These peoples doubts are enervated by preachers...

"But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ." (2Co 11:3)

Some fears are to be cast out, and some fears are to be legitimized.

I am just so broken over this. God's word is being handled so deceitfully in our land, it is being used as a weapon of is truly the ministration of death. If faith needs fuel, so does sin. In order to sin, people need some means to give that sin validity, there is no higher octane fuel which gets the cylinders of sin pounding at their highest capacity than doubt and unbelief. I am finally understanding personally why Jesus wept over this. He did not weep at adultery, he did not weep at thievery, he did not weep at the physical pain he saw people in, he did not weep when his family doubted his validity, he did not weep when he was bludgeoned, he did not weep when his disciples failed to understand his purpose and message. He did not weep at the ingratitude people showed him. No...he wept in the face of unbelief, and that of his friends.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: Four Dangerous Words.

Yes, Areadymind, you've brought up a very relevant point.

I've heard it said that at the root of every sin is unbelief. It used to be, "God said it, so I believe it"; now, it is, "God said it, so we better check if it's what He really meant." How dreadful.

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 Re: Four Dangerous Words.

I recently came to the reformed theology and had a rough past even as a satanist in my teens though as a child I had accepted Jesus and his message. I came back to the faith as an armenian and now realize through the reformed faith that if I was an elect I would have never been decieved and that I have also committed the unpardonable sin so I dont really know what to do. To my understanding if a person is elect they will be kept, if I havent been kept it is now too late even though I know the truth, right? Just wanting the opinion of someone who seems to be grounded in the word. When I read the bible I feel condemed, I am guessing if I was His I would feel the Holy Spirit witnessing to me that I was His, right?

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