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 Homeschooling Families

Hi there,

We homeschool our daughter and I was wondering if there were any other homeschooling families here on sermon index.

I would love to connect with other homeschooling moms.

If there are any out there please contact me by pm.

Through Him only

Mrs Carter

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 Re: Homeschooling Families

There are I think a few families that homeschool their children here on SI. I homeschool my boys.

God Bless

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We homeschool our children as well. Blessings!


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god bless you all for doing this for you children

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I'm a home-schooled graduate and loved it all the way through. Yes, thank the Lord for the sacrifice and effort homeschooling parents exert to give us something they didn't have!

It is also helpful toward the goal as one person said, We want our ceiling to be our children's floor. In other words, the highest place that we can get to, we want our children to start there. Amen!

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And we....

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 Re: Homeschooling Families

Hello again :)

It would be neat to be able to encourage each other.
I have emailed a few people who pm'd me.

I love sermonindex & the people I have met here and would love to meet other like minded believers who are homeschooling.

As I mentioned to a few through pm's. I am struggling at the moment with my daughter, she is 5 years old. She seems to be rebellious & not wanting to follow the Lord.

We are doing everything we could possibly do. We do family devotions every night. As an only child, she hears and listens to us speaking of God all the time.

It is our heart's desire for her to love the Lord and honour Him.

We continue to pray for her, with her and on her own.

She is growing resentful and argues with everything.

This week was discouraging as I wondered whether homeschooling her is contributing to this rebelling & perhaps we should be looking at sending her to school. Maybe we are doing her an injustice by keeping her at home...maybe being homeschooled is not working out for us.

It is difficult with an only child as we feel we are stuck in "first child syndrome". Sometimes I wonder whether I play/interact too much with her, then other times wonder if I am not "focusing on her" properly. How much is too much and how much is too little? Then I wonder if I have blurred the lines between parent/child by being too involved. Because she is our only chance we want to do the very best for the Lord and not stuff this up :)

In my heart I often catch myself at celebrations (when it is just the 3 of us) or just sitting at the table for dinner...feeling like our family isn't "complete". (I have serious hip/pelvis problem which means conceiving again could leave me we have had to make the difficult decision to limit our family due to this).

If anyone has any advice or encouragement I would so appreciate it.

Thank you so much!
Through Him only,

Mrs Carter

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We homeschool our boys.

Here's the link to an article I wrote about homeschooling on my blog. I still have yet to write part II of this... someday!!


 2011/7/7 16:00

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Proverbs 13:24
"He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes."

Sounds like she needs a spanking when she rebels, argues, resents, or disobeys.

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she is 5 years old. She seems to be rebellious & not wanting to follow the Lord.

She is only five years old?? and you expect her to follow the LORD at this point?

I am a first born, was an only child for five years and was taught to obey from young up. Disobedience meant a whipping from either mom or dad and I survived it to become a mom of five and then I repeated the process.

Sherid, seems to me your daughter does not know who is boss - it may almost be too late, but you have a problem that homeschooling cannot fix - it goes much deeper then that. It may be you have a strong - willed child that will buck you at every turn. If this is the case, you are required to be more stubborn then she and be creative in how you work to break that stubborn will.

One of our children was stubborn, spanking did not seem to do much until I did a very unconventional thing. I picked that child up, took him to the bathtub and turned the cold water on him; clothes and all got wet! That got his attention and he did not like it - had to do it only a few times.

Many modern parents eschew corporal punishment but resort to reasoning with a child, appealing to his logical sense, hoping he will in turn want to obey. This kind of reasoning is corrupt to the core. This assumes a child is good at the core and you are appealing to this nature. A child is not good at the core: he is selfish, as selfish can be and it is up to the parent to teach him otherwise. This causes parents to become very frustrated with parenting and the child.

Now, I do not know whether this is the case with you, but the fact that a five year old is demonstrating such rebellion is cause for alarm. I do not know what child-training lit you have been reading, but I do suggest you study the scriptures, take notes about what it says about children and a parent's responsibility to them. And pray like you never have before.

I suppose I sound rough...but children need to know who is boss, and that beyond any shadow of a doubt. And this means it is ok to be mean in the child's eyes. You are not called to be its friend, you are called to be the parent; big difference between being a friend and a parent!

Yes, parenting is challenging, I know. Those of us who have passed through this cycle of life are thankful for the era when the body becomes physically incapable of reproducing!

God bless...

Sandra Miller

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