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 Looking for sermons about Student/College outreach and ministry

I've been involved in university-based outreach and ministry for the past 9 years, and though me and my immediate fellowship am still yet to see a breakthrough in making an impact, I have to say that as of late, the Lord has been stirring my heart once again to pray and believe for the Holy Spirit to move.

We've all heard Paul Washer's famous sermon, but can anyone recommend sermons and/or resources on the issue of reaching university/college students?

(While I'm on the subject, do a search for "Asbury Revival" here on SI)

Benjamin Valentine

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 Re: Looking for sermons about Student/College outreach and ministry

This is quite an inactive thread, but out of curiosity I wonder how many here were a part or converted through a campus ministry during their schooling days.

The poster is saying something about 'breakthrough and making impact', what is that? In your opinion how should we measure the effects of a campus ministry, by 'altar call'? counting how many is coming forward.

What are those sermons for, for the workers and facilitators or for our target students?

What is the setup of campus ministry, 'street preaching',
'evangelistic tracts', 'hit and run', friendship evangelism, 'good samaritan program, is their a campus fellowship center.

What is the aim, what is the goal?

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I was greatly encouraged through involvement with the campus ministry at the "secular" universities that I attended.

I was involved with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. It was a "church" fellowship on campus. We met often for times of worship, prayer, Bible study and evangelistic activity. One night a week (Thursdays), we would meet together in a large upper room on campus for worship, study of the Word and even the breaking of bread.

We would hold prayer meetings on and off campus. Bible studies were held in various places (some for guys on campus, girls on campus, guys off campus and girls off campus). We even held meetings outside in the main campus quad. We saw many students come to Christ and many others experienced quite a bit of spiritual growth.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the campus ministry was more of a reflection of the Church as described in the early parts of the Book of Acts than anything that I have ever seen.

I have several close friends who came to Christ and have continued walking with Him as a result of that simple ministry on campus. During college, I felt the leading of the Lord to be involved in that ministry...and I have never regretted it.


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