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I was wondering if you all would be willing to post the three, or so, most influential thngs in your Christian walk.

I am assuming that the top three for most anyone would include God's Work, Prayer, a key friend/mentor. However, since most will share that common ground let's go one step farther. What are the three most influential things after those top three?

I will start.

1. Foxes Book Of Martyrs. It is so humbling to realize
the cost others paid for us to have a copy of God's Word
in our hands.
2. The Music Of Keith Green.
3. Two Creaive Miracles That Happened To People I Know
Soon After I Was Saved. One was a girl I knew from
birth instantly healed from deafness at age 15.

Those are certainly three of my top ones after God's Word, prayer, and a couple key mentors.

What were/are yours? I felt we might all benefit from others life experiences this way.



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