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 The Carnal Mind vs The Spiritual Mind

The Carnal Mind vs The Spiritual Mind
1.A.The carnal mind god's is reason but the spiritual mind, is the mind of God in us.
B. The carnal mind is dictated by the nature of fallen Adam in us, but the spiritual mind is the mind we received from Christ as He made His abode in us.
C. The canal mind says " when man try all and he can do nothing that is his end. The spiritual mind says "No, the end of man work is the only door of a new resurrected life , in Christ. As long as man see any form of sufficiency in himself , then he need no longer to seek Christ , no the need of spiritual exercise in unceasing prayer, occasional fasting and watchfulness, but when he sees his insufficiency then will easily lay all that He is for Christ to manifest who he is , in Him as He seeks Him. Man man must cease to work for Christ to work "
The carnal mind depend on the strength and power of man, and so when man is brought to a state which ends his strength and power, its whisper to man " All is finish with you, reason well and you will agree with me there is no more hope for you. Why waist your time seeking God if you are not making any tangible progress ? walk on your ways and you will easily have your means . Why wait on a God who is so slow and might have even forgotten about you ? "
"The spiritual mind says " No I have no strength and power of my own but Christ's. I am called to face the daily battle of life through His might power in me, in His ways and not my ways. Anywhere He places me, there will He manifest His grace in me to walk in victory as I seek and lean on Him. He is not a man to forget me and even the hairs of my hear are all number by him. When He seems to be slow , He is teachings me patience . And when it look like He has hide his face or forgot about me in my trials and afflictions , he is teaching me to know who I am without Him, so that I will be greatfull and remain humble in the day he manifest His love to me in a practical and tangible way. Yet even before this day of his visitation , I know He is still in control and watching me. His strength and spirit is ever available to strengthen and guide me in the daily journey of life as I daily seek Him.
D. The carnal mind seek peace of mind from natural or present condition , for its peace is dictated by what it sees and hear in the natural. If it seems to be disappointed , defeated, revile , etc in the natural, then the peace is lost and doubts , frustrations, fret etc comes in , which is a path that can lead to greater sins.
The spiritual mind sees every trial or challenges in the natural, in the eyes and mind of God and so sees the sovereignty of God in every situation or trials be it joy or contradictions , it accepts all as permitted by God , and here it live above present natural circumstances because its peace is establish in nothing but God will. And knowing that nothing can happen to it without the knowledge and permission of God it patiently wait for God time while accepting the present situation in the eyes and mind of God.
E. The carnal mind sees only natural things and therefore its battle is against flesh and blood not knowing the power of darkness which rule and dictate the hearts of men. Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is its law. It lacks the fruit of mercy and forgiveness , nor tolerate any form of weakness in another except its own self, because it cannot see deeper into what control most behaviors manifested by men, having not received the key of divine knowledge.
The spiritual mind battles not with flesh and blood, for it sees deeper than the outward manifestation of men against it. It knows if the invincible enemy does not overcome it directly, he will try to overcome or battle against it through other human vessels especially when those instruments yield to the carnal mind. Mercy , forgiveness and forbearing with the weakness of another while desiring His victory, is the nature of the law written in his inward heart.
F. The Carnal mind oppose the spiritual mind in that it keeps crying " Why is God leading me like this without showing me every step all at once, and how things will end. "Reason" my god teaches me all at once, before he leads me, but this God want to lead me little by little without telling me all at once . How can I be sure all will be for my own good . Look at the challenges, lost and the misunderstanding I will face in walking in this new way of God . I cannot submit to this way unless he answer all my questions and doubts at once. "
The spiritual mind says " No you are wrong , "reason" your god for sure tells you all at once but how many times have you been disappointed by his counsel and judgment. God does not tells me all at once but none of His promise ever fail. He does not show me all at once, yet what He shows me is always true. He wants me to lean on Him everyday by hope and faith , that is why he only teach me little by little as He sees fit. Unlike "reason" your god, my God is all knowing, and when I follow him even though I might not see the whole picture, yet the Light of His way will shine brighter and brighter, and the perfect day will come when I will see the whole picture, with crowns of everlasting joy and ever rejoicing in the fruit of my labor in Him."
H.The carnal mind study the scripture by the use of reason and thereby use the power of reason to justify its sins by using the scripture , since it cannot be subject to the law of God, because it lacks true faith which comes outside the realm of reason. It cannot see any unity in the doctrines of the scriptures because it seeks answer from it own mind and not the mind or spirit of God. It can search answer from concordance , dictionary, opinion of men but never the Spirit of God.
The spiritual mind is the opposite of this for it studies the scriptures in the mind and illumination of Gods spirit , and seek no other source except when directed, and so sees the truth and unity in the scriptures.
The battle of the carnal mind against the spiritual mind is ever present in us. To have Christ mind we should daily hunger after Him to possess our nature and being so that He can manifest His nature and being in us. Never to be affected with the negative condition in the present but to seek the mind of the God who kills and make alive, and make a thousands ways out of nothing. Seeking the mind of the spirit will teach how to stand in the battle and trial of life and not to run by using carnal means but ever waiting on God and being faithful in little things in season and out of season. Amen.


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