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 If You Faced Death Right Now by Keith Daniel

If You Faced Death Right Now by Keith Daniel

Topic: Death
Scripture(s): Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 20:11-15  
Description: Rarely have I ever heard such a potent and heartfelt cry for men and women to get right with God, eternity hangs on this message. You will be deeply changed if you hear this message and it will give you a concept and urgency for your God given responsiblity on earth as a Christian.

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 Re: If You Faced Death Right Now by Keith Daniel

Thank you Jeremy.

 2011/6/28 12:55

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This message is so powerful. I remembering listening to it awe-struck for the almost 2 hours of the message. We must have more preaching like this in our day.

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Thank You Lord for this. I am being prepared to meet my family & people who have done my family wrong. I have been praying God would pave the way. How did I know as shut in with Him, He would do spiritual surgery on me. He is having to prepare my heart first. This message has helped push me forward in preparation. No wrong done is so important as going in nothing but in God's love for souls~ salvation. No one can bring me to that point but the Holy Spirit. Making my heart right first - then and only then can I take His love to the lost. Empty of self - full of God's love of forgiveness.

Please pray for me I wont take any offense, only full of the love of God for their souls. Speak when He says speaks, with His words and to be still when He says to. I give You glory alone Lord for it is You and You alone who will be able to perform this as I stay at Your feet Lord. Bringing them to Your Throne of grace & mercy.

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