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We will be adding all the sermons on SermonIndex over the next 2-3 days. To start with here is one of the messages from the meetings.

Offer Your Bodies A Living Sacrifice by Paul Washer

All the other messages are up currently here:^Washer

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i thank god greg for you and sermon audio

you have made a difernce in thousadns of lives mine included

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 Re: Calvinistic vs fatalism

FYI - Fatalism firstly and pre-eminently denies God. God is not in fatalism's equation. It is impersonal.

Fatalism secondly denies any means to the end,or of one's 'fate'. Cause and effect are not considered.

Fatalism thirdly denies any purpose. In events or creatures.

Paul Washer and all who'd be considered to be calvinistic,would have nothing to do with fatalism.
They trust in a personal God.

God's purpose stands. His cause efects all events and creatures. He is the Beginning and the End. He is personal.

Men like Paul W. would/could not be passionate preachers and at the same time be proponents of fatalism.

Calvinistic fatalism as you phrased it makes as much sense as conservativistic hedonism.

Sam,Sue,and Steve are on a boat. Sue falls overboard and begins to drown. Steve the fatalist sits by watching and does nothing. Sam says, "throw her your lifejacket!" Steve replies,"if she drowns she drowns,it was meant to be." Sam says,"what if it was meant to be that we throw her a lifejacket and she lives!" Steve doesn't reply. Sam violently rips the lifejacket off Steve and throws it to Sue. Sue survives. Sue and Steve had always accused Sam of believing in calvinistic fatalism. Sue and Sam are married the following year and become missionaries.

May God bless Paul W. as he preaches His Truth.

Thank you S.I. for introducing many to Paul W.

Quotes below are from two who'd be considered to be in the calvinistic camp:

"He does well, that discourses of Christ; but he does infinitely better, that by experimental knowledge, feeds and lives on Christ." Thomas Brooks.

"Let us not please ourselves that we have deep understandings, but let us shew our understandings by our practice." Richard Sibbes

Where predestination stops fatalism begins.

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