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 God's Love Against Our Other "Lover's"

God's Love Against Our Other "Lover's"
God's Love is manifested and known in His nature . It is a manifestation of His will and desire independent of the nature or state of any being , yet it change the nature or state of the being to it's will , nature and likeness and separate it from all other Lover's to His Love.
It forgives the contrite repented offender with infinite mercy , and this mercy sees not the past but the present heart condition . The mercy manifested is a preparation for the manifestation of God's Love , and an end of all former lover's of the soul.
The true Love of God in the soul will Kill all other former Lovers (works of self, love of worldly pleasure and fashion etc) of the soul. It will not spare , nor pity but kill through the ministration of condemnation through the flaming sword before passing into the ministration of Life.
We cannot Know what God Love is, until we know what the Love of our fallen nature is. Our fallen adamic nature , have its own Love, which are works of self like pride , lust, ambition, and love of the things of the world etc.It loves and pray for those that Love it and hate does that hate it. When God nature is in us, it will go against the love of our fallen nature and produce God's Kind of Love in us. When God love is manifested in us , it will produce a hatred of the things our fallen nature loves. Yet it war not with flesh and blood but the fallen power in flesh and blood , and so it will seek the good of it human "enemies" not there harm , with a forgiving heart, to all wrong and injustice manifested against it.
The Manifestation of God Love
To produce and manifest the true Love of God in us , we must know how death reign from Adam to Moses (the law) and how the flaming sword is remove in Christ in a practical way in our daily lives, through the trials of our faith.
Adam (our sinful nature) is what we are in nature , Moses (the law or the ministration of condemnation ) reveals what we are called to be , but Christ (the ministration of Life ) makes us what we are called to be , by giving us His divine Life and strength. Only Life experience can teach us the difference between Adam, the ministration of condemnation (Moses) and Life (Christ) not just head knowledge. We are not talking about a history about Adam, Moses or Christ but a practical reality of this ministrations in us.
Sin in us reveals Adam. Failing after knowing God will reveals the ministry of condemnation (Moses), and doing God will even in the midst of trials and adversity without falling reveals the power of the ministration of Life in us (Christ). This is a process , and at the end it will reveal how Christ overcame death (works of self) in us , in a practical reality and we will no longer fear adversity, trials or temptation but like paul and every victorious saint of all ages, we will rejoice in our weakness and infirmities because we have find a savior that manifest His strength and power in us as we daily seek His face and strength even in our weakness.
How many times have we fail during trials and adversity even after knowing God mind or will but because of some clouds or some seemingly silence of God , doubts, complaining , or doing our own things creeps in . This is the ministration of Condemnation, the flaming sword , is there to guide against Adam , least he enter into God kingdom of Life. Here we know how much of Adam is still in us , and the need to end Him in the Cross the only place Christ gave us His life. When Christ manifest His Life in us, the flaming sword is remove because Adam is no longer there and we partake in the divine tree of Christ Life and strength. The secret of victory is reveal here , and a new song is heard and we sing along (not literal but unspeakable joy and peace ), the door of the kingdom become open and that of hell closed , because the keys that will close the power of death and hell are only in Christ not Adam or Moses. The fruits of hell and death are works of self and all abominations . the power to close this works is only in Christ . Christ our Life , Victory and King. No failure to fear , when the Victor abode and live in us because we seek His strength and Life daily.
"And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last:

I [am] he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death." (Revelation 1v17-18).
God Love is nothing but Christ Life being manifested in us , we cannot find it in the fruits in fallen Adam, for it war against it and reprove it and cannot remove His flaming sword until Adam is fully dead and gone . This takes trials. Any place Adam has His foot in our soul the sword most war against Him, not entertain Him until He is gone. Loving Adam whose fruits are lust, worldly pleasure, pride , carnality etc is against the Love of God.This is the True work of the Love of God, that is , to free us from the works of Adam (self ) in us. Amen.


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