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 Re: Berean?

Hi BrotherTom,

If I remember correctly, the only book that Finney actually penned was his memoirs. The others were penned by others from lectures and notes. I could be wrong in this...but this is the impression that I have had for quite some time.

I will check on this soon and provide an update.

But, I do agree with what you are saying about the impact that Finney had. He preached at a time that is quite different than we have now. The majority of believers in this nation were church members, church goers or believed themselves to be Christians. Finney's ministry, as recorded in his memoirs, took place mostly to people who were "at ease in Zion" (so to speak).

Many years later, I sat in a secular college history course where Finney's life and impact on society was covered extensively by a professor who wasn't even a believer. Later, I took a Early American public policy course where Finney's impact on American government and policies (in regard to morality) was covered.

Again, I have no problem with a review of his supposed doctrinal views. However, we can discuss those things as they were...and not as a subset or organ of Finney himself. After all, we can't speak with the man to ascertain the full extent of his beliefs...whether he properly expressed his views...or whether or not any of those beliefs ever changed.

I hope this makes a little more sense. I could spend my life proclaiming that some prosperity preacher is a total fraud, or I could exert my effort exposing the flaws and unscriptural points of the prosperity and health-wealth message as a whole. I believe that the latter would be more extensive and relevant.


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