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Discussion Forum : Welcome & Intro : Charles Finney and his doctrine

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 Charles Finney and his doctrine

Was just wondering why so many people look to Charles Finney as a gret man of God? He was an Arminian/Pelagian to the core and taught that salvation was something that man can accomplish on his own effort. The alter call which he develped was a pragmatic means to show that the Spirit was moving. This first was called the "anxious seat", and has lead many to believe that they are saved since they responded to a sermon by walking down the aisle of a church. Jesus and the Apostles never used these methods, nor did Luther, Calvin, Whitfield, or Spurgeon. He rejected the Presbyterian doctrinal standards, never actually read the confession or creeds and eventually he left the church before the church could censure him. It would do us well to know church history and how we got to where we are today. Thanks for reading, God bless.

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 Re: Charles Finney and his doctrine

Read His Word - not any man's, because HE's who you'll have to face... not Finney, Luther, Calvin, creeds, confessions, et al.

Quite a Welcome for quite an Intro.

I'd rather tell you the truth right off the bat.


 2011/6/26 21:37


Thread blocking alert! Someone is questioning Charles Finney again.
This thread must be bocked immediately! The OP must be banned and
all those who dare question Charles Finney must also be banned from SI
and discomunicated from their local assembly (for those who actually fellowship
in a church)

 2011/6/26 21:48


Welcome...sinnerdave? This is an odd way for you to introduce yourself. Share a bit about you. Weve got plenty here on both sides about Finney.

What about you,..your testimony etc. How long have you been monitoring SI etc. etc.

again, welcome aboard.

 2011/6/26 22:14

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 Re: Charles Finney and his doctrine


Welcome! Thanks for the intro!

You were predestined to jump aboard SI today and write your OP.

I know you'll take no offence to my post.

Predestinatingly yours,


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Joined: 2011/6/26
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 Re: Just to say hi

Hi there, sorry about the intro if it caused some concern. About myself, I attend a Reformed Baptist church but was not brought up in that enviroment. I don't monitor SI, just listen and download some messages from time to time. Most of the time I go to sermonaudio or for messages. My upbringing was with Assemblies of God and Southern Baptist. Left the SB when they went purpose driven and found the doctrines of grace through God's providence.
sinnerdave is a odd name but was having difficulty in trying to establish a name and password so that is what I came up with? Not a theology giant but just wondering why certain people seem to get a pass on things like Finney. Large numbers of people being convicted under someone like Finney does not imply conversions to Christ. Christ never went around asking people to accept Him into their heart, nor the sinners prayer, it's not in the bible. Just was wondering why so many do what they do. God can use whoever He pleases to use, I just question Finney and his convictions and his "new measures" that have had long term sweeping effects upon the church. Hope this helps out some. Take care, Dave.

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i ust admit im confused about finney ,apart from what you said ,,,,,

i also read he denied the atonment of christ ,saying that christ did not atone for sins , this was writern by somone who was quoting his own word from some sorce of finney writings

but hello to you mr

but iv also herd calvinists like rolf barnard ,talking well about him

so i dont no what to think

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Ohio USA


Many people twist Finney's words because he does not fit into ultra calvinism. As far as I understand, he did believe in the atonement. Even though he had some different views (who doesn't) it does not make him totally wrong. Concerning altar calls, Jesus and the apostles invited the multitudes to repent and believe the gospel, even though it was not in a church building. An altar call is a method used to give people an opporutnity to pray and for others to pray with them for the mercy of God. The sinner's prayer has been abused, I agree. But did not the publican pray, "Lord, be merciful to me a sinner." No prayer at all guarantee's anything, but Jesus did say to "come unto me." Cannot a person "accept Christ"? Even though that phrase has been abused also. He did say "come" and John 1:12 says,"But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name". It is all of grace through faith. Thank God for His saving power!


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Thread blocking alert! Someone is questioning Charles Finney again. This thread must be bocked immediately! The OP must be banned and all those who dare question Charles Finney must also be banned from SI and discomunicated from their local assembly (for those who actually fellowship in a church)

NDY, this is a tad bit harsh, don't you think? Methinks one needs to listen to this poster to see what his questions are...He may have something to teach us - we all are learning from each other - or he may learn from us.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

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Sadly, although Finney was a strong proponent of repentance and holiness, he was also steeped so much in Old Testament doctrine that he rejected nearly all New Testament teaching about grace. In the link below, I want you to read only the words of Finney himself regarding salvation and atonement. It is truly shocking. My purpose is that we might learn from this man's grave error and not simply pile-on in hatred for the man himself.

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