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 Heart Purity And Seeing God Now

Heart Purity And Seeing God Now

1. A. God is a spirit and nothing can best define Him but His kingdom which is spiritual.
B.The more we see His spiritual kingdom, the more we see Him
C. The kingdom of the world is seen by the things that are made through the natural eye, but he that sees God's kingdom, must know that it is a kingdom of true righteousness, peace and joy in the holy ghost, and if any see not these virtues He sees it not but a false representation.
D.As God is unsearchable so is His kingdom , for all eternity we must always have something new to learn about it, for His kingdom is a definition of the unsearchable God.
E. As the materials in the natural world cannot be seen with the natural eye so is the same with the spiritual kingdom of God , it must take a creation of spiritual senses (the new birth ), to see His kingdom yet that Kingdom is not a kingdom of some unseen images but righteousness peace and joy in the holy ghost is what is seen there.
F. The righteousness of that kingdom is not our fallen filthy rags of righteousness , neither is it peace or joy , the peace or joy of the world ; and none can seek the peace and joy of the world and gain the true peace and joy of the kingdom. He come to bring peace but not as the world which is control by lust and self gives us.
2.A. Individually we can all see and enter the kingdom of God in this mortal Life. It is not far from any of us , it is in us , we can all see it and enter it , yet without its Life we cannot live in it. As in the natural the body without Life is dead so is in the kingdom of God , it will take another kind of life , which is God kind of Life to Live in it.
B. In the natural Life in our fallen nature the behaviors we manifest are the behavior of the Life of the wicked one , to be free from the Life of the wicked one, we must partake in the Life of God yet we cannot have two lives at the same time, one must die for the other to live.
C. It will take another kind of death yet not natural but spiritual death, to gain God's spiritual Life.
D. This spiritual death is a surrender of our nature or souls to be nourish by God's kind of Life, through repentance from the Life of our former wicked nature.
E. Through this spiritual death we become dead to the former life and the door to be born in God's kingdom becomes open, and we can see the kingdom yet without the Coming of God Life (Eternal Life) to resurrect our dead bodies, we cannot enter the kingdom , for to live in that Kingdom it must take God kind of Life. That is Christ in us, our only hope of manifesting God glory. This process of death and resurrection is a continual process, until we fully enter the kingdom, then will we enter the continual everlasting resurrection yet without death, for nothing of self is there to die, but only growth throughout all eternity .
F.We can cease sinning, an end of self as God life manifest more in us, through experience in trials and adversity, but we cannot cease growing for all eternity; for God is infinite and in relative to His nature and kingdom we cannot cease growing and learning about Him for all eternity. Let every saint Praise His name forever more.

3. A. Only the pure in heart can see God's kingdom . When we lose purity of heart in temptations or adversity we become alive to the former world we die to and this close the doors of the kingdom of heaven within us and open the power of the fallen world and here those sinful things we die to become ressurect again and if we fall not in deed, we fall by evil taught as the evil things enter within and defile us. Nothing which defile can enter the kingdom of heaven and when we are defile in words taught or deed then we are out of God kingdom. This are unchanging and uncompromising principles. Only contrite repentance can reconcile us back ; nothing else can do it but contrite confession and repentance.
"And Jesus said, Are ye also yet without understanding?

Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?

But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.

For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:
These are [the things] which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man" (Matthew 15v16-20)
"And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither [whatsoever] worketh abomination, or [maketh] a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life."(Revelation 21v 27 talking about the heavenly city, the kingdom of God).
B. It is the nature of the devil to war against us through diverse means so that we will lose heart purity. We must know there is power on our will and both God and the spirit of the devil work on our will. If our will is focus in pleasing God the devil will not have the easy access in us, because Christ will manifest His strength in us, yet if our will turn outward in seeking worldly pleasures or peace this is where the enemy easily get rid of us .
C.In the old covenant sins like Adultery, bestiality, homosexuality etc were punish by death so that it will produce a kind of fear upon the children of Israel . When men fear to do something, then there will is more not for the evil than for it, but if there is no fear then Satan can easily access men mind because the fallen man is more incline to evil than good. This principle is for those in the fall who are not yet in the new covenant, but even for us who are called into the kingdom of Light , we are more tempted to evil than good during period of adversity, temptation, and trials or period when it look like God is silence and no longer hearing our prayers.
During this period if the Comfort we receive through communion with Christ is no longer there , when we are not very experience we will easily be tempted to fulfill that vacuum of comfort by seeking it to another source, which will be nothing but the world. This is where Satan easily captivate us and defile our heart either in word, deed or taught and except we repent and start the process over again , we lose the vision and the door become close. This is the life of the foolishness of our virginity, but the Lord desire is to strengthen us daily through the oil of His presence in us that we might know how to serve and be faithful to Him in season and out of season , that we might be faithful wise virgins unto Him .
D. The heart desire of the Lord is not only for us to see His kingdom, but to enter it in fullness. In entering the Kingdom, we become fully free from the power of the fallen world and though the devil try us in affliction , trials and temptation we remain firm ,because our House is now fully establish on the rock ( Christ) who is the secret of our Victory. Christ in us the hope of Glory.


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