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 What does a Holy God see in the United States of America? by Edgar Reich

48 Million Babies killed, since 1973. The children have been put on the altar of lust and have been killed for the god of lust.
The divorce rate is 50 % for both non Christians and Christians. The USA has the highest divorce rate in the world.
70 Million plus Americans have STD (Sexually transmitted diseases), estimated at 23% of the population.
47% of couples no longer get married.
The Bible has been eliminated from School.
Prayer has been eliminated from School.
The 10 Commandments have been eliminated from school.
The Sunday is no longer “Holy” nor a day of rest.
33% of all new births are to unmarried women.
The USA has the highest number of rapes in the world.
70% of all Clergy in the USA are said to look at pornography.
Adultery, same sex marriages , and uncontrolled lust via the internet and TV has affected the basic fibers of our society. “The will of God is our sanctification, that we should abstain from sexual immorality.”
TV has become our god. In 2006 Men watched an average of 4:35 hours of TV per day. Women watched an average of 5:17 hours per day. In addition comes the Internet. If God compares the time we spend with Him, with our time watching TV and time spent on the Internet. What will he find? Are there new gods in our lives?
While the population has increased only 41% since 1960 violent crimes have increased 500%.

Is there any hope? Our only hope is Revival. Yes we have a loving God who has given us Grace and Eternal Life through Jesus His Son. He is also a God of Justice who cannot tolerate evil. Judgment is certain unless we repent. God has always shown mercy to those who repent. He is waiting for us. We do not know how much time we have. He will yet have mercy on us if we repent.


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 Re: What does a Holy God see in the United States of America? by Edgar Reich

 The Tears Of God by Edgar Reich

Topic: Tears
Description: Jeremiah 14:17

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 Re: What does a Holy God see in the United States of America? by Edgar Reich

And the statistics get worse not just by the hour, but by the second.

And yet, with reading this, or without reading it, yet knowing what we know, and seeing what we see, we grieve a holy God by our ungodly indifference, and carry on with our petty little lives, that have no impact on the lives of sinners whatsoever.

We do spend more time before a screen than we do with God.
So whom then are we pleasing, ourselves, or God?

Before we forget, the word of God says, judgment begins at the house of God, 1 Peter 4v17.

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