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 Freedom from the World by Zac Poonen

Hi brethren,

This is a blessed teaching on what it means to walk in the Spirit. Brother Zac examines different areas where we can be imprisoned by the spirit of the world and the traditions of men. This is a tool the Lord can use to free you from bondage that keeps you from progressing in your walk with Christ. Brother Zac uses Scripture to explain all he shares rather than speaking about different things and then trying to take an obscure text to back it up. I pray that the Lord bless you and build you up through listening to this. It will be glorious to the work the Lord has done in our lives through His servants that have directed us to Him.


 Freedom From Denominationalism by Zac Poonen

Topic: Denominationalism
Description: Denominationalism is a prison for many and the spirit of this many need to be freed from. This sermon points out how the denominational spirit is the same that impelled the Pharisee's to emphasize their spiritual purity due to their Abrahamic pedigree. Brother Zac makes a strong case for the building of local bodies that are not connected through denominational structures that have leadership that use and abuse the sheep, but are overseen by truly spiritual brothers.

 Freedom From Fear by Zac Poonen

Topic: Fear
Description: In his inimitable fashion, Brother Zac shares practical wisdom concerning the difference between fear and caution a.k.a. wisdom. He explains the importance of funneling all decisions through the filter of faith instead of the slavery of fear. He also lambastes men who act effeminate through fear.

 Freedom From Legalism by Zac Poonen

Topic: Legalism
Description: A church filled with all sorts of extra-biblical rules is like a cup that will be clean on the outside, but inside it will be filled with dead men's bones. Brethren can determine if they are legalists by analyzing whether there is a disparity between their church life, and their private life. Just like Moses had to hide his face so people could not see God's glory fading, legalists will have to hide parts of their lives from others. The solution? The life and the liberty of the Spirit! The ultimate test of a legalist: "Do you love rules more than you love people, or do you love people more than you love rules?"

 Freedom From Self-Centeredness by Zac Poonen

Topic: Self-Centeredness
Description: In order to walk in victory over self-centeredness, we must reckon this flesh to have been crucified with Christ on the cross. If we are living with the sole purpose of chasing after worldly things like food, clothing, a good comfortable life, popularity or advancement, we have not accepted that Jesus died for these things. Brother Zac points out in this sermon how salvation is completely free, but there are things in Christianity that will cost us. Can you be so lost in ministry that you lose a meal? Suffer persecution? While emphasizing that we must be victorious in these areas we are encouraged to accept the concept of steady progress over these sins as is shown to be a thematic of New Covenant faith.

 Freedom From Sin by Zac Poonen

Topic: Freedom
Scripture(s): Psalm 124, Revelation 21  
Description: There is a direct connection between understanding the deepest sufferings of Christ, and an abiding hatred for sin. We cannot limit Jesus suffering to mere physical suffering, otherwise sin could be dealt with and atoned for with every human death, and that would be sufficient for entrance into heaven. With a true understanding and acknowledgment of the spiritual and infinite sufferings of Christ should also come a truth which breaks us free from our love of sin. If we only ever see God as a means to our physical need, then we are missing the point of the New Covenant entirely. Brother Poonen also ties a heavy rock to the idea that Jesus suffered in Hell for three days while dead, and casts it into the deepest sea.

 Freedom From Soulishness by Zac Poonen

Topic: Soulishness
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 2:14-16, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 4:12  
Description: Beginning with an explanation that soulishness is a topic many may not understand until later in their Christian walk, this sermon explains the dynamic of allowing biblical truth to hit the bedrock of the Christian’s will as opposed to the sandier extremes of dry intellect or meaningless emotionalism. He offers a balanced view on how to determine what soulishness is, and says that we must learn to allow the sword of the spirit to divide that which is of the soul from that which is of the Spirit, in order that we may fly out of this snare.

 Freedom From This World System by Zac Poonen

Topic: World System
Scripture(s): 2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 6:11, John 16:33  
Description: There is a distinction between “loving the world” and not being “of the world,” that believers must make. We are not called to hide from the world, but rather we are to be in it while being completely freed from its clutches, and free from its systemic tyranny over our lives. This sermon shows how, if you use worldly methods to attract people to your fellowships, worldly people are all you will attract. Brother Zac uses a flurry of scriptures to blow away any notion that it is acceptable to God to still be of this present evil world.

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