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 Peniel (Meeting God Face to Face) ...

If any of you have come to the end of yourself in the Lord, and you know you have ... May the Holy Spirit lead you to listen to this sermon by this elder preacher of God, so that He can move you on under His power ... Amen

Peniel (Meeting God Face to Face)

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 Re: Peniel (Meeting God Face to Face) ...

Thankyou Br. Rahman.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

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 Re: Peniel (Meeting God Face to Face) ...

Praise the Lord brother Jeff! ...

When i clicked on and saw that it was you as first respondent to this thread my heart lept for joy! ... You got it!

Br. R

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Joined: 2004/3/24
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Brother Jeff heres another one that may bless you ...

Jacob's Wrestlings
Dr. Brian Green

God is still teaching me from Jacob's life, for Peniel really is the start of the best part of a saints life ... But even tho we're better, God still has more work to do in us for even after Peniel Jacob gets stuck in Shechem, when to Bethel the second time is where God really wanted him to be, but we like Jacob have to be prompted again, and again, prodded on by circumstance, sometimes very painful circumstance, with the better outcome that God Himself only knows aforetime ... It's finally, finally dawned on me that's what trust in Him is all about ...

The more i listen to the Spirit's ministering comparisson of my life to Jacob's thru these sermons, the more and more love for God is filling me and pouring out of me that the Almighty, the all Powerful Rock of ages, should take so much time in His gracious long suffering to perfect His good work in me, and you, and all His children ... Thank you Jesus! ... The love, honor and trust i feel in God right now i can't even begin to put into words ... i've always told the Lord that i wanted to be one of those old saints in His Church that young folk would say, "That's how i want to be in Jesus when i get old" ... He's blessed me with a few good "old exemplary saints" in my younger walk that made me pray that prayer ... Bless Him, because He's answering ... Amen

PS - i'll post others as the Spirit leads on this thread ...

 2004/12/10 16:23Profile

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