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 God dealing with my heart!

I have shared my heart recently about how God has broken my heart regarding my critical spirit:

"I am going to spill out my heart here! I have been praying to God to show me if I have been at all wrong in my thinking or direction and he has clearly shown that what I abhor the most about the 'superficiality in Christianity' is what is in my heart. I was broken when I realized I have been so quick to judge all of Christianity but to look into my own mirror and see the same in myself. We need to pray for God to quicken ourselves and the Church, but for God's sake let him start the flame of revival in your own heart first. He need vessels that are willing for this. I am really feeling that even though I have had alot of good intentions, but my critical spirit has almost condemned myself. I am just praying for revival now and I want to start people in my church praying for this also even though for some reason I think I am above them spiritually. That's the problem we get so spiritual that we think we have to get away from weaker brothers in the faith but the reverse is the truth. We who are strong must strengthen and support the weak (gal 6)."

I felt that this other quote given to me by a brother in Christ last week spoke to my situation specifically about praying for revival:

"We can't put on one-side our responsibility today right where we are to pray for revival alone. We need that revival, we must yearn for it and pray for it. and at the same time, if we can get away from our responsibility for the church today as it is, then our concern for Revival is questioned. It's the glory of God we are after. There is a possiblity for me to do the Lords will, for every believer there's a work for us to do today, WE SHOULD FIND THAT. Then share our burden's with those who among we work. If the Lord adds it to more and more let it get heavy!"

I am getting involved with my church to work amongst the people more with this renewed spirit. I believe God will give me chances to tell about my burden for revival. And I also believe God will allow me to meet with people that will share this burden.

This site is primarly to help share this burden with other brothers and sisters in the faith. I am somewhat grieved over certain talks of seperating from denominations and churches, I believe this is where God is going to send revival. "Revival presupposes declension". I pray and hope that people will take their focus off this close-minded thinking of seperating from; but instead be an agent of renewal within.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: God dealing with my heart!

Well said.
May I add that I was a recipient of this needed rebuke as I had begun to fall into this line of thinking. I had begun to develop a critical spirit and not wanting to be redundant want to state once again it was with kindness and thankfulness that this was brought to my attention. Thanks be to God for a man willing to share his heart and the courage to do so. Your character and honesty shine through Greg. Bless you.

Something I want to state publicly is to ask for forgiveness from laholmes who had originaly started the post on 'Higher Education'. You had started innocently enough asking for input about peoples backgrounds in schooling as you were considering going to seminary if I recall this correctly. A lot of what got said turned the whole thread into a debate over whether there was any valid schools, seminarys, etc. out there and if they even were worth attending. I jumped into the fray with some comments that were based on opinion and without knowledge. Foolishness. I didn't even know what I was talking about and had begun to develop a critical spirit as well. For this I apologize to you. I hope that you were able to see through all that was said in ignorance and take the good replys and information while leaving the other in the trash where it sprang from.

Mike Balog

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 Re: God dealing with my heart!

The Lord has also dealt with me recently on this issue of a critical and judgmental spirit. He brought it clearly into focus for me through the preaching of David Wilkerson in his recent message, "Who Shall Prolong His Days". The sermon is avaliable for download on this site at the following link, I urge you all to listen to it, I was on my knees repenting after I heard it.


In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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