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Hi there,

I have been on SI for a couple of weeks, so this is a little late, but I thought I would introduce myself :)

We live in the Cook Islands, small Pacific Island nation...tiny...only about 8000 people on our island and there is only 1 road around the entire island, 20 miles.

We are a small family of 3, but fervently wanting to bring genuine Christian faith and love here and witness to the people.

The island is very "christian"...but most lack any real life changing relationship with Jesus. Most here are every comfortable in their worldly christianity.

Please if you have a moment please pray for the Cook Islands and for us. We are quite isolated and meet up with another 2 couples for home church. We always need prayer for encouragement.

We have a plan to start witnessing door to door taking with us the DVD sermon jam by Steve Lawson, "It will cost you everything." Please pray for us as we do this.

nice to meet you all ;)

The Carters

Mrs Carter

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 Re: Hi from the Cook Islands

Welcome to SI. I am sure many here will pray for you and your family and your efforts upon the island to bring the truth to the many who are deceived thinking they already have it.

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 Re: Hi from the Cook Islands

Greetings and welcome, Carters! I hope you find plenty of material here to encourage you, and that you will be able to influence your "captive audience" there for Christ.

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Welcome to the SermonIndex website, may God bless you as you benefit from these free resources offered. If there is anything I can help you with please let me know. Here are some recommended audio resources that have blessed many and might be something for you to first take a look at:

Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead

The Revival Hymn by Various Speakers

Judgment Seat of Christ by Leonard Ravenhill

Choosing Rather To Suffer by Leonard Ravenhill

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 Re: Hi from the Cook Islands



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