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Stephen will also be at the West Coast Christian Conference.

Theme: Christ is All and in All

Subtopics & Speakers:

Christ is All and in All (Col 3:11) - Brother Stephen Kaung
Christ is Our Life (Col 3:4) - Brother Christian Chen
Christ is the Head of the Church (Col 1:18, 2:19) - Brother Kwoh Hin Wong
Christ is the Measuring Line of the Church (Zec 2:1-2, 4:10; Eze 40:3) - Brother Dana Congdon
Christ is the Hope of Glory (Col 1:27) - Brother Godwin Sun

Dates: July 25 - 29, 2012 (Wednesday - Sunday)

As you can see he stays very active. Also the messages and transcripts are available for the past conferences.

If you are in New Jersey or close to it, you will see him at the Northeast Christian Conference October 7 thru 11.

And finally, this year, if you live near the Bay Area he may be speaking at the Bay Area Winter Conference.

Not sure, so you will have to contact the brothers and ask.

Hope all this helps,

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 Re: About Stephen Kaung

Good work, Pilgrim - Thank you.
I didn't know about this man, though I've had CFP's books for so long. Small world.
I checked about the NJ conference that was last year and the messages are there - will have to get to them tonight. Neat! Cool! :)

Thanks for the education!

 2012/4/24 11:38

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Pilgrim thank you for your help...

May God bless you


Colin Murray

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Joined: 2011/9/30
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God bless you too, Colin.

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