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 Christian Doctor Warns Against Radical Human Hybrid Research


The head of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations says crossing humans with animals is a path science should not travel. However, a number of these human-animal hybrids, known as chimeras, have already been created.

In biological research, chimeras can be artificially produced by mixing cells from two different organisms, often of different species. For instance, in 1984 a chimeric "geep" was produced by combining embryos from a goat and a sheep. And in another case, a chicken with a quail's brain was created by grafting portions of a quail embryo into a chicken embryo (

But this investigative research took a sinister leap in August of 2003, when researchers at Shanghai Second Medical University in China reported their "successful" creation of the first human-animal chimeric embryos, accomplished by fusing bio-material from a human being and a rabbit. The embryos were allowed to develop in the laboratory for several days before they were destroyed in order to harvest their stem cells.

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