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Praise God! Amen! Thank you Mrs Fred so much. It's so comforting to know brothers and sisters are praying for me to such a wonderful God. I really can't tell you enough how much your prayers mean to me.
I will let you know how things go. I have the midwife this morning to see but it can't be long now! Thank you, In His love Geraldine.

 2004/12/14 4:39

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 Re: Prayers of Revialists, help: How To Boldly access the throne room of God

Howdy Doug,

To answer your question: This is a desire of my heart for deep intimate prayer, hunger for prayer, more than for the world. Do others wrestle with this too in their lives?


I have a desire to pray. Maybe more than others...
Maybe not?

Here is how I Boldly access the throne room of God:

Just pray! You don't need to read a hundred books on prayer to boldly go to the Throne Room of God. God meets you where you are, then it is by Gods desire and vision that he will bring you even further into his presence.

But you must stay vigalant. Stay in the word and in the Faith. Don't force a feeling. Very often there isn't any feeling. They are few and far between.

You just know that you are in his presence, because his word tells us that we are.

If you want to read a few books on the subject I highly recommend Leonard Ravenhill's two books: Read First: Why Revival tarries Read 2nd: Revival Praying

If you are not a knee bowing pray-er for the kingdom of God by the end of reading both books then your wood is wet. :)

William Cato

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