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 Hans Waldvogel

I warmly recommend everyone here to listen to this past century saint. Truly a man of the Spirit. Hans shares with a rare passion from personal experience of the life that the Spirit gives to those yielded to him. I listened to a number of sermons from him an found them to be true gems. He deserves to be shortlisted among the other giants on the first page of the featured preachers.

You can find his biography here

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 Re: Hans Waldvogel

Amen dear brother. I was blessed to be led by God to this dear brother. He was in contact with the brother in Zion, IL. Ravenhill talks about the man there that interceeded for 10 hours a day. Until the end of his life not leaving his home for over 10 years or something close to that.

I know people that have been to that city in the last 30 years and there is still a faithful remnant there that are seeking the face of God by prayer.

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 Re: Hans Waldvogel

This entire website is amazing. I saw it and glanced over it after I saw Greg post a couple quotes by Hans, but I did not look over it thoroughly. Very glad you posted it here brother.

The Bread of Life Magazine

And this woman is amazing!


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Oh Sister, what a treasure trove you've found. Bless GOD!

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Thank you for posting!

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